See the new naked, rose pink mattes from Maybelline!

The nude makeup trend is in full swing and Maybelline has thrown their latest candidate into the ring. The new Rosy Matte by Colorsensational Lipstick (P299) has five pink shades in the nude/MLBB department. They are all pretty shades in a lovely rose bullet, with a smooth texture that's not as drying as your average matte! The finish is what we call velvet - there's just a teeeeny satin shine to it - but it is more than enough to satisfy your voracious appetite for everything matte this season.

However, if you have medium to deep-toned skin, your choices are severely limited in this collection. I'd say three out five shades are too pastel to suit those with a darker complexion. This line is perfect for those with fair to light medium skin! For me, most of the shades are too pale against my lips. The lilac undertone in some shades make me look kinda sallow.

There's also a problem with how patchy the colors go on the lips. They also don't last beyond two, two and a half hours as the texture is quite creamy and doesn't really set. I recommend exfoliating your lips first so the color won't cling to flakes. Make sure to use a lip liner beforehand to make these mattes go on extra even and  to make 'em stick for longer.

Color notes:

Natural Beige is a warm pinky beige , while Salmon Pink is the version of it that has a brighter touch of pink. Rosy Peach is the most opaque out of the five. It's a lovely classic rose that's sure to fit in school or at the office! I find  to be a beautiful color, but it is too pale on me, sadly. Soft Pink looks to be a slightly lighter, cooler version of Rosy Peach.

Click on the images to see a bigger view, if you wish.

Overall, the new Maybelline Rosy Matte by Colorsensational Lipstick are a fairly good and inexpensive buy if you're loving the shades. Just keep your lips exfoliated and prime with a lip liner to get the most out of these pretty tubes! My favorite is Rosy Peach as it is the most pigmented and flattering on my skin tone. ^_^ 

Will you be getting one of these? What shades are you eyeing?