Bring these beauty must-haves on your road trip

Are you heading out of town for a much-deserved getaway? Being on vacation isn't an excuse to slack off on your skin care though and, depending on where you go, you may need to pack some extra beauty essentials for those #nofilter #selfies. Whether it's cooling water or weather you seek, we're getting your packing list started with these items!

Destination: Beach or Pool Resort

Want to lounge under an umbrella then dip into refreshing water? No problem! The first and most important thing you need is sunscreen for your body and for your face. The higher the SPF, the better for your skin in the long run, but the ultimate non-negotiable is using a product with broad spectrum protection to shield you from both UVA and UVB rays. Don't forget to reapply every couple of hours, especially after going into the water. 

For the body, Nivea Sun’s new line of products is just perfect for frolicking outdoors on both land and sea. They have varying degrees of SPF protection, easy to apply spray-on formulas, and even kiddie-friendly options! You can even get these high-tech UV dolls to help everyone (not just little kids!) learn and realize the importance of sun protection.

Of course, you’ll want to fill your makeup kit with summer-appropriate hues like coral, aqua and bronze. Just make sure that the products you bring are resistant to meltdown or maybe even waterproof, so you can sweat and swim without worrying about your makeup smearing or fading. 

Destination: Mountains and Highlands

If you're not a big fan of swimming, then heading to a location with cooler weather (like Baguio or Tagaytay) might just be for you. The sudden transition from summer heat to colder climes can dry out your skin though, so make sure to bring along a hand cream and body lotion that you can slather on throughout the day. Transfer some Avon Skin So Soft Advance White with Stem Essence into a travel-sized bottle and keep it in your hand-carry for easy access.

For your face, keep your makeup light with a moisturizing multitasking product like BB creams with SPF. A facial spray mist would also help in rehydrating your face periodically, and you can even spritz it on to perk up if you have a long drive to your destination. 

Travel Kit Staples

Wherever your summer road trip takes you, here are some additional recommendations on what to stash in your travel bag:

Blotting papers and powder compacts are your best friends for retouching on the road. Together with multi-purpose items (grab your trusty lip and cheek tint!) and palettes, these items will keep your makeup bag light and bulk-free. You may also want to bring along a stash of cleansing towelettes like these ones from Burt’s Bees. Perfect for a quick freshen up and easy makeup removal!

Speaking of retouching, keep a small spray bottle of your fave fragrance on hand. Spritz throughout the day to keep smelling fresh; just be sure not to do so inside an air-conditioned car!

Last but not the least is a first aid kit. It may not directly fall under the beauty category but we want our road trips to be fun-filled and hassle-free, so best be safe than sorry. It doesn't have to be extensively complete but it should contain travel basics like bandages, alcohol, ointment, and tablet medicines for nausea, fever, and diarrhea.

Does our road trip beauty list match yours? Let us know which items you bring on the road.