Five easy ways to prevent makeup meltdown

March officially signals the start of the summer season in the Philippines, and though we're excited about beach plans and shopping for new bikinis, there's one thing that we do dread: the horrible heat! Aside from making us feel drained of energy, it makes us sweat like crazy and melts makeup right off our faces.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced that, and it can be discouraging to do your usual beauty ritual. If fear of makeup meltdown is keeping you from reaching for your favorite products, read on to find out about our best makeup-saving tips and try them to keep you fresh-faced all summer long!

Stay Light

Avoid using heavy cream foundations that can feel like a thick mask on your skin. Instead, opt for a lightweight liquid or powder foundation  like the Ellana Minerals Loose Foundation. It’s a heavy coverage powder foundation! This can also resist sweat and oil without caking.

Waterproof  It

Waterproof, sweatproof and smudgeproof everything, from your mascara to your eyeliner, and even your eyebrows! I’m pretty sure you want to avoid looking like a panda even if pandas are cute, so make sure to use eye makeup that won’t migrate to other parts of your face. Check out our mascara and eyebrow staff picks, and this under P500 eyeliner list!

Prime Everything

We’ve already talked about how there are primers for everything, so make sure to use those to your advantage. Apply to your skin, eyes and lips! This will help  makeup adhere to your skin better, and decreases  the chances of it slipping and transferring. It also saves you from having to  wash foundation-stained handkerchiefs. Check out our list of under P500 face primers and eyeshadow primers!

Powder Away

Summer is the time for powders to shine. And I’m not just referring to oil-control powders or finishing powders; powder blushes and eyeshadows are your best bet for makeup that can endure the summer heat. If you can, wear a powdery matte lippie too! You can look fresh all day with powders. If you need some blush recommendations, we found a bunch of really affordable picks here.

 Pat It Off

This is probably the most crucial step. Remove sweat and oil from your face by gently patting your tissue or hanky or blotting sheets. NEVER SWIPE, it’s not a credit card ;) (Get it? Haha!) Remember that rubbing is going to also rub your makeup off, or smear it around. So pat, pat, pat, mag-feeling artista, and pat!

There you go, five easy tips to prevent makeup meltdown. Will you be incorporating these into your routine?