Five good face primers under P500

Are you ‘primed’ to start the day? This question wouldn’t have made sense ten years ago, but the makeup world has made some amazing discoveries and developments! Back in the day, primers were unheard of. People went straight to using foundation, and that was that. And then Laura Mercier invented the first ever primer in 1995 and the rest is history.

Primers can make makeup last longer, even out the skin by filling in pores, hydrate dry spots, and create a protective barrier between bare skin and a harsh foundation formula. Moreover, the mainstream appearance of primers has brought about a whole host of affordable ones out in the market. If you're looking to extend the longevity of your foundation while stretching your peso, check out these fabulous bases below P500!



Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser (P240) 

Baby Skin lives up to its name and gives your skin a velvety soft texture while looking not too flat in the mattifying department. It also doesn’t make skin feel bone-dry, so you can apply it under or over makeup while maintaining a natural matte finish.







ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer (P399.75)

A clear formula in a pump bottle, ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer is a great match for those who are on the mineral makeup bandwagon. It gives a satin-smooth finish and you’ll only need a small amount, so a single bottle will go on and on.







Ellana Make It Last Liquid Primer (P499)

For no-fuss users, there is also a no-fuss primer option to be found in Ellana’s Make It Last Liquid Primer. Their take on the silicone-based primer is formulated sans parabens and fragrance, so you can skip potential irritants. If you want to keep the daily layers of makeup as uncomplicated as possible, the short list of ingredients here should be a comfort. You can also purchase this at 15% through our affiliate link!


Essence Colour Control UV Make-up Base (P319)

Essence provides a dose of SPF30 sun protection and color-correction in one go. It knocks two additional layers off the routine, so you’re sure to appreciate the application and absorption time it’ll save. That’s more time to spend on eyeshadow contouring or selecting the perfect lipstick to complete your FOTD! 



Pinkies Collection Make Up Base (P199)

Most foundation primers and bases are usually anti-shine or mattifying, but dry skin needs to be primed too! Pinkies has come up with an affordable lotion-type makeup base that gives a slightly dewy effect. For those with dry or combination skin, this moist formula could mean preventing foundation-induced dry spots.