What to do and what NOT to do to achieve beautiful brows

Given how important eyebrows are to properly framing your face, I try to very careful about how I treat and maintain mine. I rarely touch my eyebrows and usually wait for a month or two before I go to the nearest brow bar for cleaning. I know that sounds like a really long time but I think it's worth it. When I finally do go, the days following feel like the best days of my life! 

While brow appointments are enough for maintaining their shape, there are other ways for you to keep your arches on point. Check them out below!

Don’t DIY on your first time

As much as I love DIY tutorials, getting your brows done for the first time is best left to a professional. You might overpluck your brows while trying to make them look identical (we've all been there!) or not know how to achieve the best brow shape for your face. JUST STOP AND DROP THE TWEEZERS. Walk away slowly. 

Whether it’s your first time to have your brows shaped or looking for a place that won't eff them up, Benefit's Brow Bar and Browhaus have some of the best brow services. I personally prefer Benefit because they’re the only brow bar that offers waxing, which is quick and painless compared to threading.

Do match your brow color to your hair color if you want a more natural look

Admittedly, I’ve failed to follow this a few times. Super blonde hair with jet black brows? Not my favorite look, but that's one of the downsides of constantly changing up my hair color. If you can, always match your hair color and brow color. Honestly though, it can be really expensive to maintain eyebrow color every month but if you've got the cash, Browhaus’s color tinting service is one of the best.

For a more budget-friendly approach, get yourself a cheap brow pencil that matches your dyed hair. You should also look into using brow mascaras, like this one from Nichido. K-Palette also has a nice brow mascara, which is what I'm using above. It dyes brows super well!

As a side note, supermodel Cara Delevigne looks cool even with mismatched hair and brows but based on my experience, it's not particularly flattering on an ordinary gal like me. 

Don't overpluck

There is a difference between having naturally thin and sparse eyebrows, and going overboard with your hair removal. Follow the natural shape of your brows, remove only the most obvious stray hairs, and stay about one foot away from the mirror to avoid getting tweezer-happy. You want to ensure your brows are thick and healthy until you’re 70. If you do overpluck, you can try applying some castor oil, which is believed to promote hair growth.  

Don’t try to copy other people's eyebrows.

We all have different eyebrows: they vary in shape, growth, and thickness. Trying to copy someone else’s eyebrows because theirs look good does not mean those eyebrows will also look good on you. Their face shape may be too different for you to achieve the same level of symmetry.

If you have sparse eyebrows, have fun experimenting with different ways to define your brows with makeup. If you have thick brows, treat yourself to visits to a brow bar for professional pampering. Embrace your brows. Love them for wha they are and what they could be, but don't try to change them overmuch. 

Do use a light hand when applying brow makeup

A few years ago, when I was still a beginner at the eyebrow game, I asked a couple of makeup artists to do my brows. I ended up feeling ugly every time! The makeup they applied on me was too thick, and I already had thick eyebrows to begin with. Thick makeup on thick eyebrows are a match made in hell, and it's unflattering on thin and sparse brows, too!

Always use light, short strokes when applying makeup on your eyebrows. If you're using a pencil, draw it on to look like little hairs rather than creating one long, solid line. Make sure you blend well so the makeup looks more natural. 

I hope this post encourages you to treat your arches better and whip them into their best form! Have you already been following these tips, or do you have brow sins to confess? Comment away!