Here are a few gorgeous hair color trends to try this 2016

Finding out what the next trend in hair and beauty is sometimes confusing. There are just so many terms that beauty editors, magazines, and websites use but to me, they all just look the same. So, we're going to simplify some of this year’s hair color trends for chicas who want to sport a new look without getting overwhelmed by too many options.

Rainbow Hair is still all the rage, and we're starting to think it’s the rite of passage among millenials. More and more salons are offering multi-colored locks, and local hair brands are catching up by providing a more diverse range of hair coloring products. I use Manic Panic from for all of my hair color needs, because it’s a veggie dye and is less harsh compared to other coloring products. If you’ve been sporting colorful locks for quite a while now, you might opt for something subtler like dip-dyes or pastel highlights.

The Opal Hair trend is so pretty, though incredibly hard to achieve for naturally dark-haired Pinays. Your hair needs to be incredibly light, ranging from pale yellow to platinum white light, in order to get this look. Similar to Rainbow Hair, the Opal Hair is also about color but in a very mute tone. it's a great way to incorporate the two Pantone Colors of the Year into your daily style!

Natural Hair Hues are also making a comeback. As much as I love the whimsical effects of Rainbow and Opal Hair, all that bleaching and processing takes toll on my tresses. Using a darker dye instantly makes hair look healthier and shinier, and you don't have to worry about touching up roots as your natural color will blend in more easily. Take advantage of this time to invest in hair repair treatments at the salon, or try our DIY banana hair mask at home!

If you want to update your look without going for a high-maintenance full color job, opt for Subtle Highlights or Lowlights. It amps up your natural hair color plus it provides added texture and volume. The effect is noticeable enough to give you a different look, but subtle enough to keep people guessing about what changed! And you love styling your hair in curls as I do, the added color gives them extra definition.

Do you color your hair? What color trends have you tried and either loved or hated?