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Six things you NEED to know before you color your hair

Hair dyeing is infinitely tempting for those looking to change their look, and also infinitely intimidating for the first timer. What kinds of dyes are there? Do you need to go to a salon? What’s a toner? Why does the shampoo need to be purple? There are so many factors to consider when getting your hair colored and it can be quite confusing to a hair color virgin. I was once a clueless noob, too, so I’ve outlined some tips from lightening, to dyeing, to maintenance to help you dip your tips into the wonderful world of hair coloring:

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I tried Beauty & Planet's vegan formulas for dyed hair - here's what happened!

I recently cut and dyed my hair teal as inspired by my iconic ‘90s mahou shoujo inspiration, Sailor Mercury! I used my favorite hair dye of all time, the Arctic Fox Vegan Hair Dye in Aquamarine, which is a brand known for their bright and long-lasting colors. Here’s a photo of me feeling very cute with my freshly-dyed lob alongside the official art of Sailor Mercury!

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An exhaustive guide to dyeing your hair in ‘crazy’ colors

About five years ago, pastels, vibrant purples, and neon greens were just hair colors of fantasy characters, or rock stars, or the token ‘cool’ Asian in movies. Maybe you’d see someone with burgundy (but almost brown) hair once in a while, but in general we stuck to our blacks and browns. Fast-forward to today where non-neutral hair color is almost (but not quite) commonplace, especially in art communities and schools that allow it. Lightening and coloring hair used to be really intimidating since products need to be mixed and often had to be sourced online.

Nowadays, we have better access to these "crazy colors", with brands like Sparks becoming available in SM Beauty. If you've been curious to try it out, take advantage of the summer break and this DIY guide to have some fun with color!

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New cut and color from JURO Salon

My mid-length hair has been unbearably frizzy and unruly this summer, so I was lucky that JURO Salon asked if I wanted my hair done at their awesome salon! Blogger perks, yo. I was honestly planning to schedule a visit there this June, but I'm glad (and honored!) they were kind enough to offer the service to me at no cost.

For it is true: once you're touched by Jude and Rose, you can't be happy with any other hair stylist. :) At least in my case. My hair is difficult because it's wavy and doesn't stay in one shape for long, so its layers and length have to be cut as precisely as possible to account for the growth. In the past, I'd leave the salon feeling pleased with my styled hair, but as soon as I wash it, it just doesn't look quite as nice. With JURO, I can't wait to wash my hair! It grows out so well too that I didn't need a hair cut in like seven months (my last visit was September).

I actually liked my hair better as it grew longer!

Jude gave me a more layered cut this time. Still a short bob like before, but with more texture in the bottom.

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L'Oreal INOA: Hair coloration with no stink and no pain

IMG_1111 by project_vanity.

I've never had my hair colored, ever. Whenever I go to salons to get a cut, I always smell the distinctive stink of hair dye. It's the kind of odor that goes straight inside your nasal passage and stays there, painfully. That's a huge deterrent for me! My hair is really thin plus I suffer from hair fall so I've been staying away from any sort of chemical treatment for years now.

And then came L'Oreal INOA. A play on the words "Innovation No Ammonia", L'Oreal's revolutionary hair coloration system promises optimal scalp comfort and the absence of smell. It's because there is zero ammonia in the formula. At the heart of INOA is the ODS (Oil Delivery System) which is supposed to optimize the hair penetration of the coloring active ingredients.

IMG_1098 by project_vanity.

Robbie discussing the system

IMG_1100 by project_vanity.

Demoing. The system has three major components just manually mixed with each other.

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