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Brows for bros: What happened after a man lost his threading virginity

A couple of days ago, I came across this video where guys were getting facial hair waxed. Then when I looked at the comment section (big mistake), there were comments that said how these men were “pussies”, or accusing them of being feminine. Sigh pie, it saddens me that men get judged for simply wanting to groom themselves! It’s really not anyone’s business what people want to do with themselves, whether it be removing body hair or wearing makeup. The process of grooming not only makes one look clean and neat, it’s also important me-time for focusing on what we need mentally and emotionally! Men also enjoy the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation when they get groomed so why should this exclusively be a "girl thing"?

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Reader question: Help! I'm hairy!

Got this interesting question over at Ask Liz. Read on!

Hi Ms. Liz! I don't know if I'm really asking a question or just seeking affirmation...I'm really "balbon": my arms and legs are hairy (but not like a man's, whew, could've been worse right?). Worse, I have facial hair! I have "baby bangs" that aren't really part of my "real hair" anymore (they're more facial hair than real hair because it's on my forehead already), and I can't even have the part above my eyebrows threaded for fear that it'll look really weird!

But I guess the worst part of it all is that I have a moustache! Eek! I really want to have it removed but I don't want to deal with it growing (thus I do not want it waxed). I would really love to have it lasered but that's too expensive, and I'm just in my early twenties! :(

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My Browgraphy Experience at Browhaus

I have emphasized time and again that eyebrows may be our most important facial features. These little buggers can make of break our face, so it pays to keep them well-groomed and well-shaped at all times! That said, I have DIYd my eyebrows since college and I'm pretty pleased with the job I've done so far. However, when Browhaus invited me to visit them last week, I thought I'd come over to see if they can do a better job. :D

The staff recommended that I try Browgraphy (P1,290), which is a package that includes threading, shaping, and dyeing the brows. Since they noticed that I have light, thin, brows, they asked me if I'm okay with having them dyed darker. I'm like, hell yeah! I always shade my brows, so I'm grateful for any time I can take off from the task.

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