Men's Grooming 101: Four basic steps to better skin

Where did we ever get the idea that beauty is just for women? Exposed to the same sun, pollution, and stresses that lead to wrinkles and pimples, men need the same level of care that we ladies shower on ourselves. It's completely normal, too - taking care of yourself and having good grooming habits does not make a man gay or effeminate. It simply means he has enough self-love and self-respect to look after himself!

Recognizing the need to normalize men's personal care, Watsons organized a Bro Boot Camp to give men a crash course on how to do it properly (i.e., going beyond the basic shampoo, deodorant and soap!) The "bro session" was impressively thorough, tackling everything from shaving tips, picking out a scent, and even the importance of moisturizing!

If you're one of our male readers (we know you're there and applaud you for being ahead of the pack!) or a fellow beauty girl who wants her man to look as good as she does, we've got four great tips from four guys who have upped their grooming game!

If you want to be successful, look the part

As a TV personality and Belo endorser, Robi Domingo knows he needs to always look presentable but stresses that the same mindset should be adopted even by "normal" non-showbiz guys. It's not because you want to be IG-worthy 100 percent of the time (though that's cool, too) but because it makes you look and feel confident. Dressing properly is just one aspect but what people really look at is your face! If your skin looks dull or has pimples, it can undo the rest of your efforts.

Showering daily is a given but it isn't enough to let the water run down your face - Robi reminds of the need for a good facial wash. Wet, lather, rinse, done. You can even just do it in the shower, if you want!

You can't go wrong with a clean-shaven look

Sure, facial hair can look pretty sexy but often requires a bit of upkeep to look presentable. So if you're a busy guy like professional athlete and Gilette brand ambassador Kiefer Ravena, shaving regularly is actually a more low maintenance option. He says it's the first thing he does in the morning!

For the basketball star, there are three key components to getting a good shave. First, he washes his face with warm water to prep the area. He then applies a generous lather of shaving gel - this helps to soften the hairs and prevent razor burn, so don't ever skip this step! It's also important to make sure that the blade used is sharp so it glides over the face and cleanly trims hairs with ease, without needing to apply much pressure. Finally, he recommends rinsing with cold water then applying a moisturizing aftershave.

Clean is good, moisturized is better

A lot of men to overlook this step because they don't realize how important it is, observes actor and Nivea Men ambassador John James Uy. It's a shame, really, because who wants to touch and kiss dry, rough skin? Moisturizing is actually doubly important for guys because shaving lightly exfoliates their faces, and without the application of a moisturizing product, the fresh new layer of skin is simply left exposed to the elements.

Part of the reason why men skip this step is the thinking that all moisturizers are sticky, greasy, and generally a hassle to have on the face. Any PV girl (or boy) worth her salt knows that this is not true - there are many options for light, non-greasy, and matte moisturizers available. Man up and beat that fear!

A well-chosen scent leaves a lasting impression

Have you ever passed by someone, stopped, and turned to look because they smelled so gwapo? There's something about a really good fragrance that ups a man's pogi points by 1000x. Style blogger and Axe endorser David Guison understands this and plans his scents accordingly.

After a swipe of deodorant to keep body odors in check, apply a light spritz (the goal is to tease, not to overwhelm) of fragrance. There's a wide array of options to match every mood and personality, and that final touch takes you from simply being clean to being polished and ready.

Got any more grooming tips that men should know about? Let us know in the comments! And please remind the men in your life that they deserve to treat themselves right, too!