Reader question: Help! I'm hairy!

Got this interesting question over at Ask Liz. Read on!

Hi Ms. Liz! I don't know if I'm really asking a question or just seeking affirmation...I'm really "balbon": my arms and legs are hairy (but not like a man's, whew, could've been worse right?). Worse, I have facial hair! I have "baby bangs" that aren't really part of my "real hair" anymore (they're more facial hair than real hair because it's on my forehead already), and I can't even have the part above my eyebrows threaded for fear that it'll look really weird!

But I guess the worst part of it all is that I have a moustache! Eek! I really want to have it removed but I don't want to deal with it growing (thus I do not want it waxed). I would really love to have it lasered but that's too expensive, and I'm just in my early twenties! :(

I guess my real question is, is it really a problem? I used to not mind about my legs because my hair there is not even really thick, but it's plentiful...nor my arms, because a lot of girls have hairy arms... I'm so conscious about my facial hair though. :( I guess it's just everyone's perception of beauty that's making me want to have it removed...

Do you have any advice for me? Any kind (but sincere!) words would do.

Thank you Ms. Liz, and any answer from you would do. :)

I do think it's unfair that us women are persecuted for having hair in our face, arms, legs, and even down there. What's so bad about hair, when everyone has it in all the "wrong" places anyway? I hate it that we're forced to feel self-conscious about something that is a natural part of ourselvers but hey, that's the cost of living in human society.

There are many definitions of beauty and most of them are of course very subjective. It depends on the location and culture. For example Europeans aren't crazy about waxing or shaving their armpits; Americans are religious about brazilians and being almost hairless in general. But I think that there's another way to look at it.

Hair casts a shadow on skin and can obscure our features. So the hairier you are, the more uneven or dirty your skin appears. Hair is also a a receptacle of sweat and oil from our skin, so they may sometimes amplify our natural body odor and make us feel stickier.

If you look at it this way, clearing out our body hair is just basic good grooming. Less hair (especially on the eyebrows and upper lip) means our features are enhanced and more litaw. So yes, I think it's important to remove hair where they are the most obvious because people respect and appreciate a woman who looks like she takes care of herself. 

I suggest you have your hair waxed or threaded so that the hair grows back slowly. It takes about three weeks to a month before the hair becomes obvious again, so it's not too bad! ;)

Hope this helps!