Shoe in love

A male friend of mine asked me last week, "How much pain are you willing to go through for a pretty pair of shoes?" I said, "A lot!" Someone once said that good shoes can take you to good places, so if you're willing to take some pain for your vanity then you can potentially get some satisfaction out of it.

Anyways, I recently got two new pairs of shoes just to update my wardrobe. I've been mooning over them for a few weeks beforehand - they're not exactly cheap, so I had to think long and hard if I really needed them. I just felt miserable until I gave in. Next time, I won't put myself to all that trouble! If I badly want something, I'll just go freakin' get it if I can afford it.

First off, I finally got these Zara Basic Sandals. I've seen a lot of fashion bloggers wear them (especially abroad). I'm not the type to fall for trendy things, but I just love how beautifying these heels are! As in! They make my legs look longer and my feet thinner. I initially wanted to get the orange/black pair but they're out of stock in most Zara branches so I got red/fuchsia instead.

Can I just say - these heels are painful. :/ I have small feet so I'm practically tiptoeing in them! My god! I can only last two hours because the arch is too high for me (about 3.5-4 inches). But oh well. I like how I look in these shoes.

The other pair I got is from Charles & Keith. C&K has a sort of premium line where designs are more adventurous and sexy compared to their normal line. I really like the strappy platforms they recently came out with, and this is one of them.

These shoes are much more manageable than the Zara ones. They're higher but the platform helps!

So there you have it - my new babies! :) They're my best shoe finds of late. How about you, what's your new favorite pair/s?

PS - Snaps would like you to remember that he is the star of this show.