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Water-proof + Smudge-proof: The Project Vanity x Ellana Life-Proof Eyebrow Gel

Ellana Cosmetics has been part of my life for almost a decade now. I remember discovering it when I was still in college (around 2008-2009) and falling in love with the fact that their mineral foundation was so pigmented and long-wearing for the price. It’s the foundation I wore on my graduation! I’ve tried so many of their products since then, and eventually, I got to meet the founder Theresa Carbonel-Buenaflor and her husband, Diego around five years ago. We’ve worked together but most important to me is that we’ve become friends who randomly hang out to catch up.

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Staff Picks: Our current go-to products for on fleek eyebrows

The greatest beauty mistake of my life lasted ten years. I grew up in the 90s - the era of brown lipsticks, spaghetti strap tops, Rachel hair, and yes, skinny brows. It makes me cringe to see photos of myself from that time, and it took me another decade to finally grow out my eyebrows to their originally full state. Suffice to say, I spent those ten years looking for products that would temporarily resurrect my missing kilay!

My brows are in much better shape now but like my fellow PV girls, the obsession for perfect kilay is real. Here's what we're currently using to cheat our way into brow nirvana!

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Ellana Mineral Eyebrow/ Eyeshadow Quad

I think I'm over my strong eyebrow phase. I currently prefer softer arches that make my face look less "done", if you know what I mean! I've given up my pens, creams, and even pencils to do my brows, instead relying on powder products to sculpt them to my liking. They're also quicker to work with and require less care when it comes to application.  

That said, my current favorite brow product is the Ellana Mineral Eyebrow/ Eyeshadow Quad (P350). This is technically pressed mineral eyeshadow, but the colors are intended to mix beautifully to create your perfect eyebrow match. Whether you're a brunette, blonde, or redhead, you can get brows close to your current hair color. Oh, and have a neutral everyday eyeshadow palette to boot!

Pigmentation and finish. The colors are pigmented when used as eyeshadow, but softer over eyebrows. Weird no? But it works! I use a large, bushy angled brush (from Ellana also) to apply this on my brows. Perhaps because the brush is synthetic, I'm not getting too much pigmentation from this palette. The finish is a creamy matte that looks totally natural. 

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