Five pageant makeup tips from a pro makeup artist

BDJ has always thrown great beauty events, so we were pretty excited to be invited to their BDJ Glam Indulgence Beauty Boot Camp at the Rockwell Club last month! Upon arrival, I was given a sweet welcome gift containing the Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo and a checklist for the Beauty Fair featuring the well-loved beauty brands and activities that awaited at every booth. The numerous brand partners included Canon, Skechers, Wacoal, and GlamGlow to name a few. 

Aside from all the fabulous makeovers, awesome freebies, and shopping perks, the Beauty Boot Camp featured makeup workshops for the BDJ Bellas. The room was filling up quick but I managed to pop into one of the three certificate workshops offered at the event, the Beauty Queen Glamour Achieved with Max Factor X featuring Bobby Carlos.

Now, I may never join a beauty pageant but Bobby's expertise as makeup artist to the country's beauty queens was something that got me piqued. His tips for looking flawless and camera-ready are super useful, especially when attending special events. Here's some free advice from the pro himself!

Tip #1: Use the dark shades in eyeshadow palettes to contour at the crease. Bobby says this is the secret to beauty queen-level peepers because it makes your eyes appear larger and more dramatic. Blend it with the lightest shade to keep them looking too harsh.

Tip #2: When applying eyeliner, where you start your line can make a huge difference in how it looks. For the upper lash line, always apply from the inside going out. For the lower lash line, apply from the outside going in.

Tip #3:  Bobby says Venus Raj uses three pairs of lashes while Shamcey Supsup prefers two layers! Big eyes are a must on stage so they can be seen from afar. For us normal people, Bobby says we should never skip curling our lashes. He recommends a three-step process that focuses on applying pressure at the base, middle and tip of the lashes for a more defined and longer lasting curl. Of course, you should also make sure to use a good quality eyelash curler to avoid accidentally ruining your lashes!

Tip #4: Applying mascara is just like building a house; you need to put down a good foundation first. Do not apply mascara all in one swipe because the product will just weigh down your curl. Start at the roots using the edge of the brush then work your way to the tips of the hair. Finally, apply all over with one swipe to lengthen.

Tip #5: Blush should always look as natural as possible, so its placement will vary depending on the shape and structure of your face. The easiest is to simply smile then apply along your cheekbones with a circular or infinity motion. Then use another lighter shade of blush to highlight for that dewy glow.

Bobby also shared a pro-MUA etiquette tip: the standard distance between a makeup artist and the client they're working on should be about brush length. This respects your client's personal space and keeps your work hygienic.

Of course, we got to play around with Max Factor X makeup and try the tips we learned from Bobby. My eyeliner game has improved with such a simple tip, and I'll never skip curling my lashes again!

There was so much more to see and experience at the Boot Camp, so I was glad I came prepared in a comfy outfit and sneakers! I spotted the Revia Hair Color station where the stylists can apply your newly-purchased hair color for you. This allows you to get a great new shade without the salon price tag or the hassle of having to apply the hair color yourself!

Céleteque and Detail MakeOver offered BDJ Bellas a chance to try out their products. I'd been curious about the latest releases from Céleteque since Kim wrote about their tenth anniversary, while I wanted to swatch Detail MakeOver line of matte lippies!

Ten lucky participants got to try Browhaus lash extensions for only P1000! Such a good deal! They also brought the products they distribute such as the My Amazing Blow Dry Secret line and Heavy Duty Bi-liners and HD Mascara that Liz swears is her current HG.

The Body Shop also had their own station and gave away free Love Your Body Membership Cards. Of course, I lined up for mine as having your own LYB Card gets you great deals at their store.

Bioderma had a big booth in the center of the beauty fair and was offering some really awesome deals where you could get a free full-sized product with minimum purchase! I was definitely tempted to try their famous micellar water, or the Sebium Global Cream and Pore Refiner for oily skin.

Indulge in CoverGirl Cosmetics and 70% off Sally Hansen polish.

Walk around with perfectly coiffed hair after a visit to Toni&Guy’s station.

Flawless entertained with a Spin-A-Wheel game and showcased their products.

I couldn't resist dropping by the K-Palette booth for all things eyebrows. Their Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Liquid is still a top kilay pick here at PV, and it's got an even better formulation and more affordable price tag now!

Our favorite exfoliator, Cure Natural Aqua Gel, and the Baby Foot Peeling Mask (more effective and cheaper than getting a salon foot spa) were both on sale!

The BDJ Beauty Boot Camp was a great event for beauty lovers, and it’s a fun way to spend the weekend! Stay updated about their upcoming events by following them on Facebook!