New cushions, lipsticks, and masks: Avon says annyeong with its own K-beauty collection

In just a few short years, the Philippines went from having just a couple of Etude House stores to having more Korean brand and product options than we can keep up with! If all the oppas visiting the country doesn’t convince you (looking at you, Park Seo Jun and Lee Dong Wook), maybe this will: even the big names in Western beauty brands are getting into the K-beauty craze! The latest to ride the Hallyu wave is none other than Avon, a well-loved beauty brand that secured its spot in our kikay kits and dressers long before Watsons even became a thing. 


To be honest, I was initially surprised to hear about Avon making a K-Beauty Collection when there are so many to choose from now, but it makes sense. Korean beauty concepts like cushion makeup and dual-toned lipsticks can still seem intimidating to a lot of users, especially when the instructions are all in Hangeul. I think that having these innovations available from a brand you already know and trust makes them more accessible, and it also shows Avon’s recognition of K-beauty as a real gamechanger for the industry. On to the reviews then!


Of the items in the collection, I was most excited by the Avon True Color Power Essence Color Correcting Cushion (P799 for 15g). Available in three shades (01 Light, 02 Nude, and 03 Shell) I hoped that a non-Korean brand would have colors that would suit a wider range of skin tones. I usually wear the medium or #2 shade in Korean face bases with no problem, so I was surprised to find Nude to be quite light on me. It can pass as a tone-up effect if you don’t look too hard, but ultimately my NC20 skin found a better match in the darkest shade option! I was also surprised to find that Nude made my skin look matte while Shell gave it a somewhat dewy glow.

Swatches, from left: 01 Light, 02 Nude, and 03 Shell

Swatches, from left: 01 Light, 02 Nude, and 03 Shell

As a CC formula, I didn’t expect to get much coverage from this “liquid foundation in a compact”. Coverage is medium at best, even with multiple layer applications. The formula is supposedly infused with Avon’s Power Essence, which is supposed to “instantly improve skin texture”. I didn’t notice any such effect on my skin but I really do appreciate how this formula doesn’t end up caking around my pores and other skin imperfections as other cushions have done in the past. It applies quite smoothly and looks very skin-like. I also liked that instead of pressing the applicator sponge into another sponge, the packaging design for the cushion allows for the product to be dispensed through little holes in the plastic, which feels a lot more hygienic.

Wearing Nude on the left and Shell on the right. The camera couldn’t quite capture the difference in finish and color but the right side looks warmer. Also wearing Romantic Rose on my lips!

Wearing Nude on the left and Shell on the right. The camera couldn’t quite capture the difference in finish and color but the right side looks warmer. Also wearing Romantic Rose on my lips!

It performs well-enough as a CC cushion but Avon missed the mark with the available shade options. Even Korean beauty brands are now recognizing the need for more inclusive base color options, so it’s puzzling that all three shades are so fair. I also wish that it didn’t have a scent; it’s not bad or strong enough to be really disturbing , but it’s unnecessary.


I’ve always wanted to try two-tone lipsticks since Laneige debuted their Lip Bars ages and eons ago. The color selection for the Avon True Color Dual Color Gradient Lipstick (P299 for 3.3g) are all variations of pink, but what really sold me was the different finishes. Romantic Rose matches a salmon pink with a darker pink shade, while Mauve Maven has a more reddish pink vibe with a very fine gold sheen. Though the bright pink Fuschia Pop isn’t my color, I fell in love with the chunky, somewhat iridescent glitters that stood out!

Swatches, from left: Romantic Rose, Mauve Maven, Fuschia Pop

Swatches, from left: Romantic Rose, Mauve Maven, Fuschia Pop

While the OG Lip Bars featured a rectangular shape, Avon’s lippies are arranged in a diamond shape with a slanted tip. I found this shape difficult to apply with, especially for the lower lip when the gradient colors are supposed to be reversed. As a result, my application looks so uneven. 


Despite this packaging design flaw, these lipsticks turned out to be my favorites of the collection. I do like the color combinations and the play of different shimmer textures. The lipstick formula itself is a comfortable satin finish that transfers easily and leaves no stain behind, but I have no issues with needing to retouch my lip color. At least I don’t need to prep my lips with balm beforehand as these are pretty moisturizing on their own.


What’s K-beauty without some sheet masks thrown in? These are the current Korean skincare offerings available from Avon. The Glass Effect Hydrogel Face Mask (P149) promises glass-like skin in 10 minutes while the Cica Soothing Sheet Mask (P129) features the ingredient that everyone is currently raving about. Avon also offers targeted area treatment masks like the Golden Shimmer Hydrogel Eye Mask (P149) and Jelly Kiss Lip Mask (P119). I do think that sheet masks are an easy way for users to try and add Korean skincare into their routine, but the prices are higher than their actual K-beauty counterparts.


If you want to try something from this collection, I highly recommend getting one or two (or all!) of the gradient lipsticks. The price is very reasonable and the colors are beautiful. Sure, you can DIY the look using two lipsticks from your current stash but this makes the process a lot easier, and having the same formula just makes the colors mesh together better!

Did Avon’s K-beauty collection catch your eye? What do you think of Western brands offering their own takes on Korean beauty innovations?

Photography by Nicole Quindara