Here's everything you need to know about "Tone Up", a new K-Beauty trend

While scanning through my Instagram feed, I came across an Etude House video of its endorser Krystal using a new product called the Tone Up Fix and Fix primer (P698). While I know she already has nice skin (a pre-requisite for any Korean idol), I got sold into the whole concept of Tone Up products that promise to improve complexions in just one, easy step. Sounds like a dream come true for lazy girls!

What is Tone Up?

While I haven’t really found a dictionary definition to Tone Up, these are products that have the instantaneous effect of brightening dull skin and creating a more even skintone. They kind of blur the lines between makeup and skincare, as some of these products also have the added benefits of blurring pores, providing moisture, or even offering sun protection! The most popular forms are creams and primers but there are cushions available as well.

Tone Up products are usually applied at the end of your skincare routine and right before applying foundation. The creams are usually white and moisturizing enough to use in place of moisturizer, while the primers often offer color-correction that can be worn alone or under makeup.

Image via Etude House

Image via Etude House

Some of the more popular Tone Up creams available in the local market are the Banila Co White Wedding Dream Cream (P1,385) and the Laneige White Dew Tone-up Cream (P2,050). Innisfree, Etude House, Goodal, and other brands also have their own variations of the Tone Up cream.

If you're wary about looking too white or have issues with an uneven skin tone, Tone Up primers may be more your jam. They address not only dull skin (using rose tones), but also redness (using mint green tones) and very yellow skin tones (using lavender tones)! Etude House does this with the Fix and Fix Primers but you can also try Nature Republic’s Triple Color Tone Up Cushion (P700~ ) and The Face Shop's Tone Up Cushion (P1,200~).

So, do you need it?

Koreans put a premium on having clear, white skin and they prefer to focus on having a great skincare routine rather than piling makeup on. Tone Up products offer a great solution as a sort of in-between product, and it can be a great option even for gals who aren't necessarily trying to achieve a paler complexion.

As actual skincare products, Tone Up creams address dullness and ashy skin tones while also providing an instant brightening effect. Because they moisturize well, they seem to be the key to creating that Korean chok-chok look. I did initially think that these creams were like those department store "whitening creams" that actually just left a white cast all over your skin but it depends on the product you get! The result should be radiant, glowy skin, not a face that's obviously whiter than the rest of your body.

On the other hand, Tone Up primers seem like a derivation from color contouring, a way to correct problem areas so you don’t have to use a lot of foundation to cover them up. Koreans seem to not like the look of a heavy base, so the primers make sense. If you prefer using BB creams for the same reason but find that the coverage isn't enough to hide discolorations, you can apply this first before putting your BB. It's great for lazy, minimal-effort-makeup days, too! 

Have you tried Tone Up products before ? Which products would you recommend?

Source: Get It Beauty