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This is what green, lavender, and peach color correctors are for

If you've seen my makeover by Pinoy Big Brother and The Voice head makeup artist Eman De Leon, you'll know how much he loves the Revlon Eye Primer + Brightener pen. This was released years ago, however, and seems to have been discontinued! I remember I had it some time ago and liked how it can brighten dark areas even though it doesn't have a lot of coverage. Lucky for us, Revlon just recently released something similar - the Photoready Color Correcting Pen (P725).

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Face Off: We compare the two budget orange correctors under P350

As the resident queen of dark circles, correctors are my life-long advocacy. I believe that people who are cursed with too much pigmentation in their eye area should be equipped with the means with which to defend and correct themselves. I, thank you.

Kidding aside, color correction is one of those ‘level 2’ makeup tricks. It’s not the first thing you get into when doing makeup, but once learned, can completely change your makeup game for the better. As more drugstore brands expand and improve their offerings with professional level formulas, I'm happy to see orange correctors becoming more accessible. But how well do they work? I test two locally-available budget correctors to find out.

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Here's everything you need to know about "Tone Up", a new K-Beauty trend

While scanning through my Instagram feed, I came across an Etude House video of its endorser Krystal using a new product called the Tone Up Fix and Fix primer (P698). While I know she already has nice skin (a pre-requisite for any Korean idol), I got sold into the whole concept of Tone Up products that promise to improve complexions in just one, easy step. Sounds like a dream come true for lazy girls!

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MAC Week: Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer SPF35 PA+++

I'd be lying if I said that everyday is a mega hyper inspiring blogging day. Sometimes I just really want to get work out of the way and/or attend to my other hobbies. Sometimes I don't feel like adding yet another beauty product review to the hundreds that this website already contains. I mean did you even notice that I've already written 2,210 posts in the last six years? I don't but sometimes I do notice.

Obviously I can't blog forever. Maybe I'll stop when I reach 5,000 and finally, truly feel that I've said all I can possibly say about the beauty industry. That's still some time in the future though! When I don't feel inspired, I try to be consistent instead. Inspiration is awesome to have but it won't sustain me and take me all the way to the top. Consistency, while dull and repetitive, is reliable. No one can't take it away from me except me.

Anyhoo, we're back to MAC Week. I have here the Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer SPF35 PA+++ (P1,450), a tinted sunscreen that has illuminating properties. This was a CC cream before CC creams were born. It's quite sheer but it brightens my complexion wonderfully!

This isn't a primer in the sense that it makes makeup stay on longer. It's really designed to correct complexions with certain issues like redness (Neutralize is recommended, a yellow), dullness (Adjust, a peach), and sallowness/yellowness (Illuminate, a lavender cream). I have Neutralize here and true enough it can tone down redness and keep my skin bright while at it.

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