This is what green, lavender, and peach color correctors are for

If you've seen my makeover by Pinoy Big Brother and The Voice head makeup artist Eman De Leon, you'll know how much he loves the Revlon Eye Primer + Brightener pen. This was released years ago, however, and seems to have been discontinued! I remember I had it some time ago and liked how it can brighten dark areas even though it doesn't have a lot of coverage. Lucky for us, Revlon just recently released something similar - the Photoready Color Correcting Pen (P725).

These are designed to correct color issues even before you apply your usual concealer and foundation routine. They actually feel much like primer, so even if you don't need a ton of color correction, I feel like you could definitely use this as a great base! There are three shades available:

Green - this is great for canceling out redness from pimples, rashes, or rosacea. Green is opposite red in the color wheel so when they're mixed together, they create a brownish shade (closer to skin tone).

Lavender - this is for dull or sallow-looking skin that appears tired. This is also great for sunken areas of the face! Lavender, when mixed with yellow or orangish tones, create also a brownish shade closer to one's regular skin tone.

Peach - Revlon says their peach is good for covering blemishes, but since these primers don't offer a lot of coverage per se, I would say that the Peach one is best for under eyes. If you have bluish or purplish under eyes, this corrector (which actually has a strong orange tone) is ideal! Peach/orange when mixed with blue tones also create a color closer to your skin tone.


The goal of color correction is to adjust skin tone issues. It's not about covering up; it's about prepping the area before your foundation/concealer routine so that you won't need ~as much~ coverage. These Revlon correctors are do a really good job in that sense. See my video to know what I mean! I used all three shades on my face so you can see the difference. Start at 4:14 for the tutorial!


In the video you can see how even before foundation, my skin already looked pretty good with just the correctors. You don't need to do color correction everyday but it really makes a difference if you have specific issues that you need fixed. Personally I actually find the Lavender most useful to me, since I have some uneven shadows around my mouth and nose. 

I have to note that these correctors have a hydrating texture. If you remember my Becca First Light Primer Filter review (this is my HG primer), the texture of these Revlon pens are very similar! Lavender is definitely more purple (hence more brightening) than the Becca though as it contains more pigment.


If you have oily skin, I don't think you can use the Revlon Color Correctors as straight up primers the way I can on my combination skin. I would still recommend using a separate primer for oily skin.

Overall, I think the Revlon Colorstay Color Correcting Pen is a great product that deserves some space in your kit if skin eveness is an issue for you. Let me know what you think!