Staff Picks: Color correctors that give us even, bright skin

When talking about achieving a perfect base, chances are you think about what the best foundations and concealers are, and using a good setting powder. Maybe you also consider the right tools to use: brushes, Beauty Blenders, or a Silisponge? The truth is, there's even more to it than just layering full coverage.

Color correcting products isn't a very well-defined category. Some are like concealers, while others are in the form of finishing powders. If you're into K-beauty, tone up makeup is actually about color correction. And as the name indicates, CC creams actually have a color correcting effect as well! So basically, a lot of different makeup products can be considered as color correctors when they're able to make your skin tone look more even and radiant, without quite covering it up. If you find that foundation + concealer isn't doing enough for your skin, or just want to get a my-skin-but-better effect, here's a few that we reco!


Den: As someone with dry skin, my complexion is prone to looking very ashy. It's not as much of a problem now that I use acids for chemical exfoliation but there are days when I need a quick pick-me-up for my skin. This is my second tube of the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream because I love how it gives me a more even and radiant complexion. Like most CC creams, the coverage is sheer but its color correction is enough to save me from needing foundation.

To clarify, the Tony Moly Panda's Dream Dual Lip & Cheek is actually a cream blush/lipstick product but it surprisingly worked for covering my very dark undereye circles! The Bubble Red variant includes a tangerine shade that Crystal found useful for counteracting the deep blue tones in my skin. It's honestly the closest I've come to completely covering up my circles so I definitely consider this as one of my current corrector favorites.


Tellie: It's not my perfect color corrector but I will forever love the Club Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Color Concealer. It's the first non-pro color corrector I've tried, and it's made everything so much easier! Pro correctors normally have a difficult texture or take some time to prepare as you need to mix them with base products. This comes in a ready-to-use, thick liquid formulation with a doe foot applicator. As light as it is for my intense baggage~ I find it still does the job in minimizing my dark circles!


Gett: I’ve long loved the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream ever since I first heard Lisa Eldridge rave about it. Ever since I first got it, I’ve had my aunt from the UK buy me more tubes. I just love how it cancels out the redness and how easy of an everyday base it is! The color correction it does isn’t super heavy but it’s enough for daily use.

Angela: I love the Origins Smarty Plants CC Cream because it makes my skin look naturally amazing! It leaves my skin with a glowing look. It does cancel out some redness and discolorations but not as much as you would expect from a concealer. It only offers sheer coverage but is so worth it for how well it improves my skin's appearance.


Crystal: I don't really use cream color correctors but I do have a favorite powder one! Guerlain Meteorites is my favorite finishing powder and not just because the multi-colored balls are so pretty. Each color acts as a very subtle color corrector. I'm not sure if the tint it gives is actually enough to make a difference, but gimmicky or not, it really gives me such a nice glow without making me look oily.

Claire: I never was much of a believer in CC creams, until I met Banila Co.'s it Radiant CC Cream. I especially loved using this after giving birth, on days when I wanted to feel like an actual human being and not just a baby's slave and food source. It doesn't have coverage but it makes my always-red sensitive skin look instantly healthier. The eye-catching chok-chok glow distracts from my blemishes. I really like that it has decent SPF, and makes any too-matte foundation go on easier and look more natural.

Do you use color correcting products in your makeup routine? What are your favorites?