The Beauty Peg: The tutorial videos of seven celebs who do their own makeup

Raise your hand if you've ever watched video after video of makeup tutorials, only to realize it's past midnight! We feel it's well-worth all the hours on YouTube though - after all, we need to know how to properly use the products we've spent on. Famous makeup artists and beauty gurus are staples when it comes to channel subscriptions but if you wanted to cop the look of a certain actress or personality, why not go straight to the source?

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This new talc-free baby powder is seriously good at oil control

A lot of us might fondly recall using baby powder as the first "makeup" product we’ve ever used. Before I discovered the world of oil-control primers and long-wearing powders, I would shake out a small amount onto my palm (dispensing just the right amount was a special skill!) and smooth the powder all over my face to deal with my super oily skin. It made my face look chalk white but at least I wasn't as shiny!

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The eight best oils to use for your skin, hair, and body

If you have oily skin like me, you’d probably think that putting on a face oil is counterintuitive. I certainly felt that way until Liz gave us samples of the In Her Element First Wash Cleansing Oil in its testing stages. It was the first time I'd ever knowingly and willingly applied any kind of oil to my face and something just...clicked. I discovered how easy, effective, and non-abrasive oil cleansing is. Now, I don't need to struggle removing my HG mascara (Heroine Make's Volume and Curl) every night!

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Good to know: What "fragrance-free" and "unscented" mean in beauty labels

Do you make it a habit to read the label before deciding to buy product? It’s definitely a good idea to do so (even if it’s in Korean!) because you should always check for manufacturing and expiry dates to help ensure that the product is still safe to use. There also ingredients you should look out for because of their high potential as skin irritants, or because they help back up a product’s claims of being effective at treating acne or preventing skin aging.

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Our top five picks from Kanebo's Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Kanebo is an 80-year old Japanese heritage brand that has been faithful in upholding its traditions while using the latest innovations to create modern, meaningful beauty products. You can expect the best of both worlds from this brand in terms of keeping what works, and looking toward the future.

Recently, it introduced the Kanebo Chrono Beauty concept, which focuses on grouping skincare items according to certain needs.

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Budget Beauty: The top five best-sellers from BYS for P700 and less

I’ve long been intrigued by BYS Cosmetics. I see them in the beauty section all the time but the sleek black packaging has always made me think that their products are more for professional makeup artists! In a way, I wasn’t entirely wrong - the Australian drugstore brand promises exceptional quality and value for money, and in terms of professional usage, they’ve actually partnered up with the Center for Aesthetic Studies, a respected makeup school in Manila. The brand does not test on animals and when I finally looked it up, I was surprised to see that their prices are actually reasonable even for my student budget. 

Here's a roundup of their top five best-sellers, and what they look like on my morena skin + dark hair!

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