Five weird-looking but high-performing foundation brushes we love

While many of us cling to our Beauty Blenders for airbrush quality coverage, some products and formulations are just better applied with a brush! Foundation brushes are worth the investmet, since they pass over almost every inch of our faces. There are many good ones available but like everything else in the beauty world, they don't have to be the same old boring brushes.

Thanks to recent innovations, there are new types of brushes that promise to outdo or at least rival the performance of the old guard. Here are five tools that we just had to try because they looked so unusual. We didn't regret it!

It’s My Carve Foundation Brush (P180 at Althea)

This has got to be the most unusually-shaped brush of the bunch. Well, leave it to K-beauty to come up with such a novel product! Don’t be fooled by its appearance, though. This crescent cut brush hugs facial curves very well and is so dense that it covers a big area evenly. It's quite soft and plush, and the shape makes it particularly good for applying cream contour and blush. Plus, it comes at a price you can’t beat!

Nippon Dome 6 Face Brush (P600 at

Is it a weird toothbrush or a tiny hair brush? Though they're a lot easier to find now, oval brushes are still fairly new additions to the makeup brush world. It looks like they’re here to stay since the shape and its tightly packed bristles can give full coverage in one swipe. You can also use this to buff concealer and other cream products like contour and blush. 

Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush (P1,348 at

ICYMI this is not your usual kabuki brush. It has a ridge at the top to reach every curve, crease, and angle on the face. The double wedge surface makes for a unique application technique - simply use the one side of the brush to apply foundation then use the other, clean side to smoothen out the finish. This makes application streak-free and flawless with very little work! Surprisingly, it works well with liquid, cream, and even powder formulas.

Becca Kabuki Brush (P1,772 at

Although this is also described as a kabuki brush, it’s more like a long, flat top brush. It yields full coverage very quickly, thanks to its densely-packed and ultra-soft synthetic bristles. Ideally used for buffing products into the skin, it works well for powder foundation as well as setting powder and contour products.

La Mer Foundation Brush (P4,600 at Rustan’s)

Foundation brush? Looks more like a giant eyeshadow brush or a big, domed powder brush! This one costs a pretty penny but it can be used in so many ways: foundation, concealer, blush, and contour. It works with well with any kind of formulation, and this ultra luxurious brush feels as soft and bouncy as a Beauty Blender.

Do you have strange-looking beauty tools in your collection? What do you use them for? Are they actually better than traditional brushes?