New eyebrow HGs: The Make Up For Ever Brow Liner, Mascara, and Pencil

"Kilay is life" has become a slogan, a war cry even, by those who have been oppressed since childbirth by the lack of stylish arches. But is kilay, really, life? Or is our obsession with eyebrows just another trend that will pass a quiet death when we're tired of it? I don't think so! While eyebrow looks may come and go, our interest in eyebrows will remain as long as we care about the face we present to the world. Their shape and how carefully they're groomed (or not) both have so much impact on how we look like. We can appear more feminine, masculine, happy, or sad just by altering our eyebrows!

Make Up For Ever's latest brow offerings understands this power. They're formulated three new products that can refill, redefine, or transform your brows completely depending on what you feel like. Let's meet the trio!

The Make Up For Ever Brow Liner (P1,350 for 2.8ml) is designed to offer intensity with the precision of an eyeliner. True enough, this gel-based liquid is quite pigmented and even has the stiff felt tip of eyeliner! I have a MUFE black liquid liner and I think the brush tip is almost the same. It makes sense though as it should be able to draw hairlike strokes with varying thickness.

Another application option is to pick up the product from the felt tip with a proper eyebrow brush. Just make sure to work fast as the liquid starts to dry when exposed to air.

Another application option is to pick up the product from the felt tip with a proper eyebrow brush. Just make sure to work fast as the liquid starts to dry when exposed to air.

The swatch was intimidating at first. The shade I have is Blond #20, but it surprisingly looks like a dark taupe. Once I got it on my brows though, I found that it was easy to draw with and then blend with a spoolie. It may be tempting to use this as if it were a ballpen, but it should definitely be used sparingly (a little goes a long way!), in small strokes, and then blended while still wet. There is a learning curve but it made my brows look naturally thick and lush once I got the hang of it! The effect is quite soft, too.


The best thing though is how well the Brow Liner stays on. I've played tennis with it on - outdoors at that - and it does not transfer on my towel or fade after buckets of sweat. Cross my heart hope to die! I highly, highly recommend this for those with oily skin, or those who still want to have kilay after a killer workout. I reckon it would survive even a swim! On a normal day, this stays on me for up to 12 hours with barely any fading.

There are five neutral-looking shades available so there should be something for most hair colors. It comes off easily enough with micellar water, but I would still use an oil cleanser for faster removal.

The Make Up For Ever Brow Gel (P1,200) is another winner in my book. Don't expect it to be able to shade your brows by itself as the tint is light, but it effectively colors brow hairs and sets them in place. Have a brow product that you love, but find that it fades too easily? Finish it off with the MUFE Brow Gel and you've got bulletproof brows for the rest of the day! It's as water-resistant as the Brow Liner.

This is an excellent addition to any makeup kit as it can work with any brow product you have. There are micro fibers in the gel itself, which means that aside from setting and tinting your brow makeup, it also subtly thickens your brow hairs. If you have fine ones like mine then you'd appreciate how lush your brows can get with this mascara.

It's pretty pricey, but I'll probably purchase the Brow Gel when I run out! I recommend this to anybody who needs to increase the wear time and thickness of their brow look. It comes in five shades.

The Make Up For Ever Brow Pencil (P1,100) is good if not underwhelming when compared to the other two new drops. The arm swatch was so faint that I thought it was a bust, but it's one of those brow products that only show up when you apply them to your brows. It's super easy to draw with this. The texture is waxier than normal but I like how it "directs" brow hairs in place.

The shade I have is Blond #20 (notice how different it is from the Blond #20 of the Brow Liner?), a neutral blond shade that surprisingly looks fab on my brunette hair and medium complexion. It looks super soft and natural, like I'm not wearing any brow makeup! It looks great for everyday, but I like boosting it with the Brow Gel for extra thickness and definition. 


Staying power is impressive at around 8-9 hours even without the Brow Gel. The Brow Pencil is really good, but simply not as mind-blowing as the Brow Liner and Gel. Get it if you prefer working with pencils and want a super natural brow look.

Overall, I love these new MUFE releases and have been using them since I got them. It's pricey, but not unreasonably so for pro-level, long-wearing products. The color selection looks solid, too!

Would love to know what you think, as always! Have you tried any brow cosmetics from Make Up For Ever?

You can purchase Make Up For Ever in the following locations:

  • SM Megamall Fashion Hall
  • Greenbelt 3
  • Trinoma
  • SM Mall of Asia