The weird 180-peso brush I bought on a whim

If you hang out at Althea long enough, you'll feel compelled to buy random Korean things that you probably don't need but looks crazy enough that you just have to try them. One of the things I spotted is this funky-looking tool called the It's My Carve Foundation Brush (P180). It's an incredibly dense yet soft brush that is designed to fit into the contours of your face so you can "carve" your cheekbones to perfection.

It looked sketch on the site, truly, but it was cheap enough that I didn't mind taking a chance on it. Surprisingly it performed better than I thought it would! It's super soft with the hairs packed tight so that it can easily blend out cream makeup. That curve in the middle? It hugs round surfaces on the face well so one sweep covers a big area evenly.

This is perfect for cream contour and blush. If you like drawing lines all over your face then blending them out, the It's My Carve is a novel yet thoroughly useful tool. I've washed this a few times and I didn't notice any major hair fall out or running dye. For P180, this definitely exceeded all my expectations! 

I do recommend checking out the other brushes from the It's My brand. There's a lot to see, and almost all of them are under 200 bucks. Crazy. I wonder how they make money! Rhetorical question, of course I know how - super low production cost, maybe only 10% of the retail price? - but it's hard to imagine with the quality they offer.

Let me know what you think, as always!

Photography by Samantha Gonzales