Our top five picks from Kanebo's Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Kanebo is an 80-year old Japanese heritage brand that has been faithful in upholding its traditions while using the latest innovations to create modern, meaningful beauty products. You can expect the best of both worlds from this brand in terms of keeping what works, and looking toward the future.

Recently, it introduced the Kanebo Chrono Beauty concept, which focuses on grouping skincare items according to certain needs.

  • The Basic Line contains what people should use daily, as part of general skin maintenance. In addition to this, they added three categories of Tuning items, or optional add-ons you can use depending on your specific skincare concerns.
  • The Monthly products are crafted with a woman’s cycle in mind. It addresses symptoms of hormonal fluctuations, such as dull skin.
  • Seasonal items go with the four seasons; though I expect we’ll only watch out for the summer releases. 
  • Lifelong items are meant for people with specific aging concerns, such as sagging and wrinkles.

There are quite a few options available for each line, which we discussed in this article when the brand launched in the Philippines. This season, Kanebo introduced five new additions to their already impressive selection. Let's check them out!

Kanebo Bloom on Serum (P6,000 for 40ml)

The Bloom on Serum is a Monthly Tuning item, specifically designed to address dullness and puffiness. It’s best to add it to your basic skincare routine when you’re feeling a little bloated and sallow from your period, and I just find that concept earth-shattering. I know I’m just one of many women who experience these skin issues as part of my PMS, so it's a wonder to me that no else seems to have thought to make something like this! As an added bonus, the fragrance is light and floral.

Kanebo Frosty Gelee Lotion (P2,280 for 40ml)

This super light gel cream is one of Kanebo’s most exciting summer releases! Japan’s summers are apparently worse than ours, so anything they roll out to address the discomfort of suffocating heat has me all ears. The Frosty Gelee has a jelly texture that transforms to liquid the moment you massage it onto your face, giving the skin an instant cooling sensation. Even better: it’s recommended for all skin types!

While Kanebo’s skincare drops are exciting, we can’t really ignore our ~roots~ in makeup. Here are our top picks from the SS 2017 color cosmetic collection!


Kanebo Dual Radiance Foundation (P2,700 for 9g)

Embossed with the ubiquitous, geometric K logo, the Dual Radiance Foundation is as pretty as it is useful. It contains two formulations of powder foundation for a realistic, pearl-like complexion. The top section of the K (upper left) contains the Soft Proof Powder, which pats a veil of shimmer on the face. The bottom section of the K (lower right) is the Luster Powder, a filling and moisturizing base that smooths your complexion. Used together (kind of like a gradient blush) this powder foundation smoothened fine lines, hid pores, and left a 3D finish on my face.

Kanebo Wearing Keep Rouge in 03 Vibrant Red (P2,100)

These slim lipsticks are encased in heavy metal, so they feel as luxe as the price tag. The thing we appreciate about these lippies is that Kanebo’s 5R color technology, applied on all its color cosmetics, makes everything look 3D. It’s not exactly sheer, but the texture and feel of skin still shows through!

Kanebo Variant Brosse in 03 Red Petal (P1,500)

Still being very on-trend with 3D makeup, Kanebo’s blush offering is a 2-pan item. It features a color pan and a luster pan, and one is supposed to layer them together to achieve that multi-dimensional, natural-looking flush.

Apart from these five favorites, there are several more fresh releases for both their skincare and makeup selections!

The Basic Line is getting more star power, with the Kanebo Clear Cleansing Toner (Php 1800 / 180ml) coming in as a freshening toner with mild, non-wash cleansing properties. More good news for the Philippines: we’re also getting the Kanebo Fresh Day Cream Light SPF 30 (Php 3600 / 40ml), which is a lightweight moisturizer infused with SPF for added sun protection. Lastly, and this was a hair’s breadth away from making it to the top 5, is the Kanebo Relaxing Brume (Php 1800 / 50ml). This intense hydration mist can be used anytime within the day, to ‘wake up’ tired skin or top up on moisture.

The cosmetics department hasn’t been slacking off either. The Kanebo Light Glow Primer (P2,400 for 30ml) is a lightweight pearlizing primer, formulated with red pearl pigment to give you a radiant, soft glow. The eyes will not be left behind, as the Kanebo Natural Framing Mascara’s (P2,280) curved wand promises to wrap each and every single eyelash with a coat of solid black 5R color. The Kanebo Powder Eyebrow (P2,400) has a tri-color pan offering in 01 Grayish Brown, designed to give you the most natural, on-fleek eyebrows.

Kanebo is available through Rustan’s. We highly recommend visiting the boutique to experience the brand's luxe offerings!