Cheap thrills: Five under P200 beauty steals at Miniso, Mumuso, and Daiso

I'm pretty much the ideal customer for all the Korean-style-but-really-from-China -"so" stores because getting a cheap treat is my fave pick me up. Daiso, Miniso and Mumuso all have a beauty section that I can spend hours exploring! With so many options at mind-bogglingly cheap prices, choosing what to spend your hundred bucks on can be a challenge for the first-time shopper. We decided to raid the stores, pick out a few promising items, and literally risk our skins to test them out for this post! You'll be surprised that there are actually a few good finds in there.

Miniso Eye Brushes (P99)

At two brushes per pack, this such a great steal! I bought these two or three months ago, and I've been using the blending brush so much. I love how soft the bristles are are and how sufficiently dense the blending brush is. Despite the super low price, these brushes surprisingly do not shed at all! The angled brush is a bit too thick but it works fine for my monolids. I load it with eyeshadow and use it with my eyeliner.

Daiso Blush Brush (P88)

I stroked this brush against my skin before purchasing and decided to go for it when I didn't feel any prickly hairs. I'm glad I got it! It’s soft and not too dense. I love how it's easier for me to diffuse my powder blush application with this tool. The brush head is quite small but the slanted orientation of the bristles make both blush and contour application foolproof. I also find the size just perfect for the apples and hollows of my cheeks. Also, it has not shed after several washes so far!

Daiso Ellefar Hanataka Powder (P88)

I have been eyeing this since I first stepped foot in Daiso. I thought it was loose eyeshadow but as it turns out, it's actually a nose highlighting powder. It is available in two shades: pink and white. I choose the superbly sparkly and almost stark white, which makes it an odd highlight choice for the face. It has an amazing effect though when applied to the inner corners of my eyes! It immediately opens up my peepers, making them look bright and alive. One downside is that the powder gets clumpy because it's not finely-milled but considering the super cheap price tag, I'm not going to complain.

Miniso Solid Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil (P99)

We've already raved about the Daiso brow pencils so I thought to try one from Miniso as well. This eyebrow pencil is actually NOT waterproof, and it fades easily due to its creamy formula. Still, I quite like it as this reddish brown shade is difficult to find among similarly cheap pencils. It’s also pretty easy to draw with and pigmentation is good. Pwede na rin!

Daiso Paddle Brush (P188)

This is more expensive than most items in Daiso and the others on this list but I think it’s worth it. The brush head is around the size of my thumb, and the bristles are nicely dome-shaped and are densely packed. When using it to apply liquid foundation, the small size means it takes a bit longer to apply all over over the face but it spreads the formula evenly and doesn’t "eat it up".

What this product could improve on is the handle, because the plastic used feels cheap and flimsy. I’m not sure if I just got a bad one but the neck of the brush is flexible and bends a bit backwards when I push it against my face. It does the job though so I don't mind too much.

Have you tried any of these items from Miniso or Mumuso? What other cheap thrills have you discovered from there?