Lipstick Week: Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick

I've started a personal blog again. Actually, I planned to move Project Vanity to the latest version of the platform I'm using (Squarespace), but it's STILL slow and there are features I need that aren't available there yet. So, for the meantime, I'm going to use that new space I'm working on to house my personal blog. Just follow my Twitter account @lizlan and you may see links to new posts. ;) 

So. Lipstick Week is back! I know this is one of your favorite themed weeks ever. Mine too actually! I have a few (okay, not a few) lipsticks here that I haven't reviewed yet so it's about time. I'll start with something a little overdue: the Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick (P379). I believe these came out last August, along with a new eyeshadow formula and lip gloss collection.

The Ultra Color Rich lipsticks are all about bright, attention-grabbing punches of color. Where Vitaluscious lipsticks were sheer and moisturizing, Ultra Color has mid- to heavy-coverage that sets in half an hour. The texture is creamy and smooth; it's not moisturizing, but it doesn't dry my lips either. For formulas like this I recommend that you let your lips absorb a thin layer of lip balm first.

It smells sweet, not too much that it offends.

Carnation, Hibiscus, Country Rose Tangerine (sorry I was missing Lava Love while I was taking this photo)

The color pay-off is pretty amazing, but it streaks in some of the shades I have (Carnation and Hibiscus). Lava Love and Tangerine are already opaque in one layer! The other shades need two. That's not much of an effort in any case.

Staying power is average at 3-4 hours. I do like that the brighter ones leave a nice stain. Here are the swatches of the five shades I have!

Carnation is a cool pink with brown and lilac undertones. It's a pretty shade, but I think it would look best on light to light-medium skin tones.

Hibiscus is a bright, warm pink. It's the kind of shade that'll work with most tones. Get it if you like happy-looking lipsticks!

Country Rose is a frosty, well, rose. I imagined that all Ultra Colors would come in a creme, glossy finish, but Crountry Rose is oddly frosty. I still like it though. I think the color is sophisticated.

Tangerine Tango is a neon orange red. It's sooo bright! I'm not a fan of orange red lipsticks (not at the moment in any way) so this isn't something I'll be wearing often for now.

Lava Love is a reincarnation of an old Ultra Moisture Rich lipstick. It's on the same level of fierce as last time, but there is definitely less orange and more blue in this Ultra Color Rich version. I love it! It's my favorite out of this set. It has the right brightness and red in it to make it memorable but not trashy.

Wearing Lava Love here. It was super rainy that day hence the layers and the bright lip. Nothing beats a loud lipstick for lighting up your face during a gloomy day - take it from me.

Overall, the Avon Ultra Color Lipstick is a nice range of gloom-defying colors that the younger set would love. (That's us! We're young, hehe). The formula isn't anything special for me, compared to other Avon lipsticks I've tried. I'd still say Totally Kissable and Ultra Moisture Rich are the best lipstick ranges Avon has. But with a little more development and perhaps less of a wet texture, I think the Ultra Color Rich Lipstick is yet to be the best from the brand.

Try Lava Love and Hibiscus if you're looking for new brights to add to your collection. ;)

Lemme know what you think! Which shade is your favorite?