Love: Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick

I should rename this blog Project Lipstick and stop pretending that I want to write about other things. I have soooo many more lipsticks in line for a feature! But naw, I'm just ribbing you. I do love writing about lipsticks though, since they bring so much color and dare I say joy to my life. :)

Today I want to talk about an affordable yet awesome lipstick line: the Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick (P239). This came out last February I believe. To my great surprise, it has a better formula than the Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick due to its longer staying power and less slinky formula.

Here's the rub!

What I love about the product 

  • The colors are pigmented in two layers.
  • Texture is smooth and creamy, like lip butter. It feels weightless on the lips. 
  • Has less slip than UMR. Formula is more cohesive somewhat so it doesn't slide around if you wear too much. (Hope that makes sense!) This accounts for the better wear time.
  • Has a decent staying power of up to three hours without eating. The deeper colors leave a nice even stain even if you do eat or drink.
  • Non-drying. You won't need to wear a balm underneath if you have normal lips, but if you have chapped lips then you'd need one.
  • There are ten colors in this collection. They're all quite trendy yet wearable! Love the selection.
  • Affordable at only P239.

Caressing Coral is a glossy tangerine pink. It is very wearable across most skintones, I think. It's sheerer than I would like but it does become more opaque after two layers

Lacy Mauve is not mauve to me. It's a creme brown-based, mid-plum shade with strong pink undertones. This is such a flattering shade for morenas! It toes the line between striking but not too shocking. Definitely something you can wear to the office.

Fuchsia Flirt is Avon's usual fuchsia with a generous dose of glitter. It has a lustre finish bordering on frosty. Not my favorite shade here.

Doesn't Berry Smooch remind you of a certain high-end lipstick? ;) This is darker in person though, very glamorous. It's a berry fuchsia shade that I enjoy wearing. It could work for most skintones I think - just depends on your comfort level with colors.

Racy Red is a sexy dark tomato red. This is another color that's not choosy with skintones.

What I don't like about the product

  • The caps sort of spin around even when they're closed. I suppose that's intentional since all the caps are like that, but it feels cheap when you open the tube. The old Avon lipsticks weren't like this.
  • I thought Avon was over with their glitter lipstick phase, but Fuchsia Fever has those annoying flecks.


  • I feel nothing towards the all-silver bullet. It doesn't look cheap to me since the material and shade of silver are obviously carefully chosen, but I quite prefer Avon's gleaming black tubes better. Personal preference. 


If you're looking for an affordable lipstick with a great texture and eye-catching colors, you must try the Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick. I highly suggest you try Caressing Coral and Lacy Mauve if you're looking for an everyday shade, but if you want something dramatic and sexy then Berry Smooth and Racy Red would be right up your alley!


Love it. I was just nitpicking up there, y'know. What really matters to me when it comes to lipstick are 1) Color color color 2) Smooth creamy texture and 3) did I say color? If I have to choose only one from the set I have, I would totally go for Lacy Mauve. It's interesting, something that I don't have an exact copy of yet. 

How about you, what color would you get? :D

PS What do you think of the extra big photos?