Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick photos and swatches

My heart always skips a beat whenever I get a package from Avon. They send a lot, but there's always something new that I get excited to share with you guys. This time, it's the new Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Rose Lipstick (P199 intro price).

What's the difference between the UMR Rose and the original one? This collection is done exclusively in ten rose shades - from baby pinks to a deep almost black red - and has a wonderful sweet vanilla rose scent to show for it. The black tube also has a shiny pink band around it, versus the silver of the normal UMRs.

But this is the most important thing: I think they reformulated! The lipsticks are creamier, more opaque, and more moisturizing than ever. They just glide on like a dream without the waxiness of normal lipsticks. Lastly, the annoying glitters are completely gone from this version of the UMR. Before, Avon lipsticks would always have at least two colors with chunky shimmer in each collection, but this time they are nowhere to be found!

And now, for our favorite part: the swatches. Thought I'd show a full face here so you can see how beautiful the shades are. The photos are a little saturated and blurry but in my defense I am still not used to the settings of my new camera. Hope you get the idea though!

French Lace Rose is a delicate nude shade that is brown-based with hints of pink

Amour Rose is a sheer milky pink that will look great on fair skintones, but darker than that and it may look off. I don't like this color so much.

Apricot Nectar Rose is my top two favorite! It is the perfect peach-pink...I know I have so many perfect peach pinks already, but this is the latest in my collection. It has the best formula.

Blushing Bride Rose is almost an MLBB shade, but it has lots of pink in it. I'd call it a warmed-up pink. 

Ahh, another winner! Amelia Rose is a warm pink with plum undertones. Morenas will love this!

Rosabella Rose is a pink-red that's another wearable red shade. It's nice but nothing that will rock your panties off.

Passionate Kiss Rose is a hot pink that's not overly blue-based. So it's very medium skintone friendly! I love it!

Do I spot my next favorite red? Carmen Rose is a hot red that sizzles when worn. Okay not literally but you get my drift.

Royal Celebration Rose is a deep berry red that's very fall. Would look great on darker skintones but I think it looks nice on me as is. 

And my super favorite in this collection: Jubilee Rose! When I first swatched this, my eyes went wide and I was like, whoa! I've been secretly longing for a shade like this for a long time now. It's complicated. It's not just a dark red...it's the color of clotting blood. It has brown in it, but you can see the red and even a hint of purple.

Will definitely be wearing this in evening events!!!

Overall, wow stuff. I love most of the shades. Of course it goes without saying the UMR Rose is not perfect - it could have a better lasting power, for instance, but for the way it looks who cares? It's only P199 right now! I suggest you run to grab one. It's hard for me to recommend any particularshade since most of the shades here are great, so just pick one according to what you're looking for. ;)

If you're interested in checking out the latest Avon products, you can actually visit their brochure here. You can also follow their Facebook page for updates.