Rave: Shiseido Ibuki Skincare Line

I'm not going to be modest - a lot of people have commented here and in person about how my skin seems to be glowing lately. They've asked me to post my current skincare routine, as well! I've been holding out because I don't want to rave about something that isn't available yet, but finally, it's here!

I've been using the Shiseido Ibuki Skincare Line since I first experienced it in Tokyo last July. It's been two months and I have seen visible and even drastic results. You know how petal-like, translucent baby skin is the trend in Asia now? The Shiseido Ibuki products made that happen for me. It also helped fade blemishes quicker (wasn't even using my favorite anti-spot serum) and made my face feel considerably softer and smoother.

I've been struggling with bad combination-oily skin for most of my adult life. Ibuki made me realize that my face could be so much more.

The truth is, I didn't even intend to use the Ibuki to begin with! I was breaking out in Tokyo while I was there (summer humidity + stress) so I was mighty unsure if I should even be experimenting with new skincare.

But the Shiseido presentation and overall company culture convinced me to try this new line out. A scientist from Yokohama, Mr Aoki, even went to discuss how they structured the formula. Ibuki was born out of Shiseido's desire to address the needs of busy young women. They wanted to create a skincare line that can keep up with us - something that can battle the effects of stress and pollution on our skin. 

Shiseido is dead serious about these kinds of things. Going to their headquarters, meeting their people, experiencing their rich history in person made me realize how Shiseido values the customer and our needs.

So. Here's my review of the Ibuki Skincare line! This'll be a little long since I've been using these products almost everyday since I got them. Ready? ^_^

If you can only buy one product from this line, make it the Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser (P1,495 for 125 ml). This is a creamy, foaming facial wash that leaves my skin feeling refreshed and super clean. I love that the foam is very dense, which makes it easier for me to wash away any remaining makeup. (I do use a water-based makeup remover beforehand though. Double-cleasing rocks okay!)

Some people would advise against investing money in a facial wash, but in my experience it's the high-end ones that actually make a difference. I get less blackheads, less irritation compared to drugstore facial wash. They also last a looong time. This Ibuki one is 125mil for P1,500 - it's going to take a while to finish it off since I only need a tiny bit to get a dense foam.

Like this much.

I've been using the Ibuki cleanser for two months twice a day everyday and I've only consumed 1/3 of the product. That's not bad! It can last up to six months, is my estimate.

The cleanser doesn't make my skin feel like a freshly washed plate. It just feels soft and smooth after rinsing. Not dried up. Not papery. That's what I love most about it.

My next favorite product is the Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate (P1,600/ 75ml). This was kinda confusing in the beginning because it felt like a gel moisturizer or maybe even serum! Apparently though it's a toner. How cool is that? A gel toner. I haven't seen one of those before. This toner does not intend to cleanse - that's what other toners usually do - but to soften the skin even more, without drying it up.

It's effective. I feel it makes me glow.

I sometimes still use a liquid toner if I feel I have some product build-up, but most of the time I use the Softening Concentrate after my facial wash. I sometimes don't top it off with a moisturizer anymore if I feel like I'm going to be oily(er) that day!

This is instantly absorbed by my skin. Try it and you'll feel this instant change in the texture; it'll feel more hydrated, more petal-y, if you know what I mean!

Then here's the Ibuki Refining Moisturizer (P1,950/75ml). This is a light moisturizer, feels watery, but has this thin oily texture on the skin before it gets absorbed. Don't worry, your skin will drink it in in half a minute!

I find this a wee bit heavy for use during the day though. It excels as a night-time moisturizer because of its hydrating properties - you'll definitely wake up with a glow! But without the oily film in the morning.

For day I prefer to use the Shiseido Ibuki Protective Moisturizer (P1,950/75ml). This is the lightest, most watery moisturizer I HAVE EVER TRIED. I would highly recommend it for oily skin! I wish it has a higher SPF though, but I guess the extra infusion of sun protection would make it feel thicker and leave a white cast.

The Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream (P1,800/15ml) is a little shimmery, so it offers immediate brightness to the eye area. It's light and it moisturizes very well. Is it the best eye cream I've tried? Hmm, I can't say right now. I haven't been using it faithfully! (Mostly out of laziness and an unfounded smug feeling that my eyebags aren't THAT dark, just puffy). But it's a great concealer base under the eyes. 

So what does two months of using Ibuki get me? This face.

It's not perfect of course. I still have a lot of blemishes (mostly from breakouts in the last two weeks only. Dang it's hard to be a beauty blogger!) but they are fading nicely. I love that I don't have to wear a lot makeup whenever I go out; an SPF cream, a smudge of concealer, and powder is all I need for a casual day.

Overall, I highly recommend the Shiseido Ibuki Skincare Line. It smells nice and mild, and works with my oily combination skin extremely well. I hope that you will be hiyang as well; it's probably the most promising line at the moment. If it works for you it will definitely change the way you think your skin should be.

The thousand-dollar question: Will I buy this when I run out! YES! So there you go. I just wrote over 1,100 words on a skincare line. That must be some sort of record!

What do you think - will you be trying out the Ibuki? Which ones would you purchase? I would love to know!


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