M.A.C Week: My top five must-haves from the brand

I hope you've enjoyed M.A.C week! Some of you have requested me to extend it, but unfortunately the other products I have here have not yet been photographed or used. That means I won't be able to write a proper review. Which then means, I might do another M.A.C week in the future for you guys! ^_^ For now I'll post the reviews any time they're ready.

To close this themed week, I thought I'd talk about five of my favorite M.A.C products. These are the things that I always pick up and would really, really hate to run out of. Check them out!

MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy. You know, I didn't like Girl Boy this much when I first started using it, but I've eventually developed a dependence on it. I haven't found anything that can create depth and highlight on the brows the same way Girl Boy does. The secret is in the shimmer.

MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme in Dirty Blonde. Another Holy Grail for eyebrows! It's a creamy gel shader that makes my brows look magazine cover-worthy. Sadly it's limited edition, but I am hoping that MAC will include it in their permanent line soon! Or else! 

MAC Russian Red. This is my favorite red lipstick. I haven't found anything as solidly bright, matte, and red as Russian Red. It's the perfect color for vintage or high-octane looks.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer. The SF is a reliable, no-fuss concealer. It's creamier now than when I first started using it years ago, so now I even use it on my under eyes. I love that it takes forever to finish!

MAC Blush in Harmony. One of my favorite contouring powders. The shade looks natural on me, and can be layered as needed.

So there you go, my M.A.C top five! Have a great weekend, alright? My next post would be the announcement of Commenter of the Month so stay turned for that. ;)