M.A.C Week: My updated eyeshadow collection

Hi folks! I apologize for missing a M.A.C post yesterday as I was busier than usual. Anyway, we're back on track just in time for the last day! I'll *try* to post my top five favorite M.A.C products later just to show what I always use in my collection. It's that kind of brand where you can get a lot of cool, memorable things that you won't really wear that often because they're too, well, striking. 

So! Today I'll be showing you my updated 15-pan M.A.C palette. I only have two empty spaces left (yay), and my plan is to get one bright purple and possibly a bright green or Carbon. It took me a couple of years to fill it up because I didn't want to blow P15,000+ asap on one palette. I mean, I can but I won't because that's too much for a simple hobbyist like me. Thankfully, I get M.A.C eyeshadows as gifts every once in a while. :P

One of the more common questions I get is, "which M.A.C eyeshadows should I start with?" If you have Asian skin like mine, yellow-toned and possibly medium going on morena, I highly recommend the following: 

Ricepaper (for highlighting the browbone), All That Glitters (a warm champagne which is great as a lid wash), Wedge (a matte neutral, light brown, perfect for crease contouring), and Espresso (a neutral brown which creates a great smoky brown eye and perfectly shaded eyebrows). Those would be four great eyeshadows to start with, for in the future you'll be able to mix and match them with various other shades.

Oops, forgot to clean it up!

Once you have your color foundation, you can proceed to add other colors to suit your fancy. ;) In the last months I've been able to add five more shades to my palette: Mulch, Espresso, Creme de Violet, Greensmoke, and Humid

My second favorite M.A.C eyeshadow (first is good ol' Wedge) is Mulch, a super pigmented, coppery brown color. People always complement my eye makeup whenever I have this on. The color is so complex and blendable that I usually just use it by itself, with no extra layers! It makes for a great daytime smoky eye.

And then there's Humid. It is a brilliant forest green with fine golden shimmer, my favorite green eyeshadow ever! It's lovely on my skin, and brings out the brown in my eyes.

Espresso looks like a boring shade but trust me, it's one of the most useful ones there is. You can use this to shade your eyebrows, contour your crease, and line your eyes. You can increase the intensity to create dramatic smoky eyes if you wish. The texture isn't as smooth as the other M.A.C shadows I have, but this stays on skin well even without primer.

Green Smoke is a sophisticated gray-green shade that has a lot of silver and gold sparkly bits. It's great as a lid color for smoky eyes. Add a matte charcoal shade to your crease and you'll get sexy, sultry night time eyes. ;)

Creme de Violet is a little disappointing. It's a pretty violet shade with golden sparkles, but it's not as pigmented as it should have been.

Here are the swatches for your reference. :)

Swatch of Soba, Casino, Amber Lights, and Femme Fi

Femme Fi, Wedge, All That Glitters, Amber Lights, Casino, Texture

Soba, Mulch, Espresso, Satin Taupe, Creme de Violet

Humid, Greensmoke

Have you been collecting MAC eyeshadows? Which ones do you have and what would you like to add in the future? ^_^

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