Beauty essentials for your job interview (P3,000 budget)

Congratulations, you just scored your first series of job interviews! You've hurdled college with everything you got, but now it's time to embark on a new journey - one that is considerably tougher and more unpredictable. You need all the advantage you can get. There are thousands of equally experienced fresh grads vying for the same job, so you must find a way to set yourself apart other than a kickass resume. 

Dressing appropriately yet stylishly for a job interview is one way to stand out, but of course, you must also put your best face forward. If you're new to makeup, don't have a clue on what to buy, and only have a limited budget - never fear, here are some of my recommendations! You can get all these for just P3,017, but even though they're inexpensive, they're a great foundation for your "work makeup" kit.

Your job interview makeup should be light, yet polished. You don't want to look like an awkward teenager when you enter the office - you want to look focused and competent but not overly vain. Here are five simple steps to achieve the look!

1. Apply a heavy coverage powder foundation such as the Human Nature Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation to even out your skintone (focus on spots and dark eye bags if you have them). If you have very dark blemishes, cover them with a concealer before applying the powder foundation. Tip: don't forget to bring the compact for retouching! Do so shortly before the interview begins.

2. Groom your blows by plucking stray hairs that grow around them. Just remove any hair that's not actually on your eyebrows! Then, apply a waxy, light pencil such as the BYS Brow & Eye Pencil in Blonde to shade them and keep them in place.

3. Draw a thin line close to your lashes using the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in 02 Brown. You'll be surprised how perfectly lined eyes can lift your face! I recommend using a brown eyeliner since it's less harsh than black, but if you prefer the latter then that's fine too.

4. Curled and mascara-d lashes make you look bright-eyed and awake. Try the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume Mascara - it really holds those curls, fattens up the lash hairs, and doesn't smudge. Plus, it's washable!

5. A natural, soft blush like the Avon Ideal Luminous Blush in Peach can help brighten your face without looking garish. It also comes with a fairly nice brush so you won't need to buy a separate one for it. Just apply the color on the apples of your cheeks (the top peaks of your cheeks when you smile)!

6. Bright and too-dark lipsticks are a no-no in the workplace. Wear a classic pink-brown shade like the Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon for that professional yet relaxed look. 

7. Many people forget this, but the perfume you wear matters. People may forget what you said or even what you looked like in the few minutes you've spent with them, but they are more likely to remember your scent. Now that you're ready to face the adult world, you have to move on from your fruity-floral colognes and go for something a little more mature. I recommend the United Colors of Benetton Body Mist in Cheering Rose as it has a lighthearted, feminine rose scent that's just right for your age.

So there you go. Hope you found this useful! If you know any fresh grads, do them a solid and share this post. ;)