House of Obagi Blue Peel Diaries: Days 6-8

It's been over two weeks since I got the Obagi Blue Peel. It's a memorable experience because it was my first ever TCA peel, but it's also a little life-changing in the sense that I've re-evaluated how I view skincare and beauty in general.

Anyway, the results were very good - the peel took away the lighter blemishes and left only faint marks where the darkest and biggest blemishes used to be. I broke out afterwards, but I hear that it's part of the purging process as the newly resurfaced skin adjusts. Also, I had my period at that time, so the pimples were really on a roll. I'm continuing with my acne medication (I'll write a separate post about it) and I'll let you know how that goes in a week or so.

Let's track back, shall we?

Day 6: So close 

By day 6, most of the old skin has already fallen away, leaving only two big chunks on the sides of my cheeks. The skin is still fresh but drying very quickly. I noticed that I feel itchier though; must be the smaller peeling happening near my scalp and cheeks.

Day 7: It is done

I'm done! Well, mostly. I can now go out of the house without scaring children. There's still peeling in my neck, near my scalp, and eyebrows (all itchy but not that uncomfortable) but all the burnt skin has already fallen off. I went to QC that day with only sunblock on my face. The heat made the itchiness worse but oh well I needed to make the trip.

You'll see that I have new pimples, which are such a huge bother. I couldn't pop them; they're so damn obvious. The pimples would continue for a week until they showed signs of finally drying up. Again, I have to say that it was time for my period, so the pimples weren't giving me much of a choice even with the acne pills I'm taking.

I should get a medal for glowy skin here

Day 8: I wear makeup again

I went out with my family (it was a Sunday). I feel that my skin has dried up enough for me to use makeup. I also only used pure mineral makeup - Colorescience foundation, a brand you can also buy at the House of Obagi - so that I won't irritate my skin. That specific foundation is really good for lessening redness while also offering a bit of sun protection. Not to mention that it complements the glow my skin already has.


And that's it. Right now my skin is blackhead-free, even-toned, has a finer, smoother texture, and a glow. The remaining blemishes are fading already so I only have the new ones to contend with. I'm confident that my skin will be completely clear in a month or two, and if not, I'll definitely go back to my derma at the House of Obagi. Look for Dr. Stephen Lacson, guys! He's nice. He's only available on Fridays in Greenbelt 5.

Let me know if you have questions, alright? 

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