This Saturday I'm thinking about...

Not makeup, that's for sure! Last Thursday, I had a very memorable afternoon at the Jane Iredale store in Evekal Building, Makati. The 100% pure mineral makeup brand is remarkable by itself (will talk about that soon), but what really sealed that day in my mind is the food. Yes, food. Stephanie Zubiri's Modern Epicurean Kitchen was the caterer that day and my god the food was good.

Jane Iredale store

Glorious food

I'm not a food writer so I don't have the vocab and know-how to rhapsodize about the dishes properly, but I hope the fact that I wrote about food here will convince you of its greatness. Lol. I don't really feature food often because it's mostly the same to me - you eat it then it's gone. It may have tasted good but it rarely sticks in my head. Not Modern Epicurean.

Everything was delicious, fresh, and most importantly, healthy! There was no meat in the dishes yet you'll be easily fooled into thinking there might be. In any case, it doesn't matter because the flavors stand exceptionally well on their own.


Couscous salad

Lasagna with a hint of truffle oil

I forgot to take photos of the other dishes, unfortunately. Oh well. I really hope to try Stephanie Zubiri's cooking again. She told us that they're partnering with Deal Grocer soon, so I'll definitely wait for that!

What's on top of your mind this Saturday?