6 things I learned from my chemical peel experience

Being forced to stay home for a week because of the chemical peel caused my life to flash before my eyes. Well, this house arrest made me re-evaluate my priorities that's for sure! These are the things I learned while recovering from my "extreme" skincare adventure.

1. Take care of your face. It's your biggest asset since it's the first thing people see and judge you by! Before spending on expensive makeup and clothes, make sure that your face has everything it could possibly need to be healthy and glowing. 

We're not all blessed with good looks, so the next best thing we can aim for is to have good skin!

2. Prevention is better yaddah yaddah. If you see a problem cropping up, nip it at the roots and don't wait for the nastiness to erupt all over your face. Stop using that new shampoo you bought - or toothpaste, foundation, whatever new product that recently touched your face. Use your previous skin medication. See your derma stat. Whatever it takes.

3. If you have serious skin problems, consult a dermatologist. Don't self-medicate and take what you read online at face value. It only costs around P500 to get a consultation from a licensed derma so there's no reason not to see one. Your skin will thank you for it in the long run! A dermatologist is the only qualified person who can recommend products for your specific skin type and concerns.  

Asking skin advice from friends and bloggers is alright as long as it's for basic things like facial wash or moisturizer. However, when it comes to serious stuff like topical creams and oral medication for severe skin issues, please talk to a professional. In my case it was acne. I held off going to a derma because I thought I already knew how to fix the problem myself - obviously I didn't, and now look what happened.

4. Don't scrimp if you can help it. Caring for your skin is serious business. Products and treatments are expensive for good reason - they are designed by reputable companies and implemented by professionals. Instead of saving by going to a backwater facility to have your treatments, go to trusted names like House of Obagi. It's expensive, yes, but there's a low chance of you regretting the money you spent.

5. The vain don't complain! Tiis ganda was my motto for the week. In other words, where there's no sacrifice there's also no gain! I'm all for shortcuts and I'm allergic to pain but if you really want fast, dramatic results, sometimes you have to peel for it. Or bleed for it. Depends.

I'm not saying that you should go be procedure happy in your path to achieve physical beauty ha. Do it only if you need it and always get medical advice! Procedures, IMHO, should only be considered as a last resort. 

6. Keribels lang. Not all of us have the financial luxury to pay for expensive treatments and beauty products. And that's perfectly alright! Money is great because it makes us feel and look great, but there's something even better because it's free: self-confidence.

(Money is practical though so prioritize that! Lol. I'm not going to patronize you.) 

Self-confidence comes with the acceptance that you have terrible eye bags, big pores, dark lips - name it - and that it's perfectly alright not to be perfect. We can't all be super models or gorgeous fashion bloggers, you know, but you can wake up every morning knowing that you like yourself. Stop comparing yourself to other people, instead focus on your personal development. Set goals and devise plans to solve your problems. There are always solutions! 

Yes, I'm not going to be a cop out and say that self-confidence is all you need in this world. It's not. But you can use it to fuel your goals and become a better person physically, mentally, and spiritually.

If you agree with me, like this post and share it to your friends, okay? I think it's helpful.

Obviously, my advice doesn't really apply to people who have good skin already. If you're one of them then I envy your genetic luck! If you're like me with skin that can be problematic then pay attention.