Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Country Woods

Some girls don't like wearing eyeshadows because of the extra work involved. They also don't want to give the impression that they're overly made up, especially in professional or formal settings where they need to look clean and almost bare-faced. Hence, the "no makeup makeup" was born.

I think that the Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Country Woods were designed with that look in mind!

This palette has four neutral eyeshadows that are decently pigmented for a drugstore brand. The eyeshadows won't really show up brightly though. That just give the eyes the subtlest hint of glimmer and contour, improving their shape and color, without giving many clues that they're actually there. Pretty neat if you ask me.

What I like about the product

  • Nice pigmentation. Won't blow your mind away, but it works.
  • Colors really bring out the eyes without looking obvious. They look good on fair to medium skintones. 
  • Fool proof to apply. Just use two or three colors with any eyeshadow brush and they'll look great. The eyeshadows don't require any blending techniques or what not so they're perfect for makeup newbies who just want a hint of color on their lids.
  • Affordable. This shouldn't cost more than P500. (Will let you know the exact price when I have it. If you know, please leave a comment!)

First color is on the brown side, second is sandy, third is like ivory, fourth is bronzy

What I don't like

  • The three browns look too much alike, with only a slight change in undertones. I hope they improve the palette with more color variation.
  • Wouldn't last a day when worn. Use an eyeshadow base to boost the lasting power.


The Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Palette in Country Woods is a nice "no makeup makeup" palette that is perfect for day or office looks. Get it if you like that particular look!


It's nice, I just wish the colors look more different from each other. In any case this palette has other color selections which I'd like to see in person some time.