Great find: IN2IT Eye Colour Palettes

Surprise, surprise. This is me raving about IN2IT for the nth time! I can't help it, not when they have amazing products that can rival expensive brands for only a fraction of the price. Remember their blush, eyebrow powder, eyeliner, and foundation? I have them and they are all super products. This time, I want to talk about their new eyeshadow palette called the IN2IT Eye Colour Palette (P380).

Shade selection and texture. These palettes come in four variants that contain wearable, flattering shades that is obviously chosen for Asian skin. The eyeshadows have excellent pigmentation and far from being powdery and chalky. They do contain a bit of sparkle which makes them grittier than I woud like, but overall the texture is fine and silky.

Vibrancy and staying power. You can definitely use these without primer and they will come out vibrant. They will also stay in place, but do expect creasing if you have oily lids.

Packaging. As for the packaging, the eyeshadows are housed in a sturdy plastic case that has a big mirror so you can apply it wherever. I like that they didn't include applicators, which we all know end up being useless anyway. 

And here are the swatches! They'll speak for themselves, I think!

The Royale Regatta palette has violets and pink, perfect for a colorful eye look

Island Sands has gorgeous bronzes and golds, and looks good on anyone! You can use this for day or smoke it up for evening wear. This is my top pick.

Sorbet Deluxe is a more subtle palette that has more of a suede and satin texture compared to the other palettes. Very pretty.

Pink Alert has dainty pinks matched with rockstar blacks. It's great for evening smoky eyes!

Recommendations. I've been using these palettes ever since I got them and they are just amazing. My favorite is the Island Sands palette because it has a flattering mix of gold and bronzes, but I also like Sorbet Deluxe for its well-chosen, hard-to-do-right colors. It has a pink that suits me, a pigmented sandy beige, and a brown with fine red flecks that I haven't seen anywhere else. So yes, get those two!

You can find IN2IT in major drugstores. Now, which ones do you have or think of getting?