Gray for weird weather

 If you haven’t noticed it yet, the weather lately is incredibly schzophrenic. Mornings start out sunny but turn sour in the afternoon as thunderstorms and heavy rains rage outside like it’s the apocalypse. It’s pretty scary actually. Our office is on the 27th floor and has glass walls looking out to the rest of the world. We see everything.

Anyway, here’s what I got on yesterday:

These shoes - I love them! I got them at SM (Parisian) and they’re super cheap and on top of that they were 20% off. I plan to get more shoes from there because they seem to be stepping up their game. The stuff they sell are more stylish and updated than ever, plus, it doesn’t hurt that for the quality of the shoe design and material, the price is more than right. I was going to get the black version of these chunky platforms, but I wanted to vary my choices a little and so I got beige.

 Dress from Topshop, scarf from SM, jeans from Paddocks