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OOTD: Coming up roses

Even when fecal matter hits some electric rotating blades, I have been able to update this blog as if everything is completely fine. It's what I do, it's what I'm good at. It's what keeps me on track.


Anyhoo, thought I'd show you what I wore yesterday! I just met a couple of people, which would normally call for a more subdued palette. However it was so gloomy yesterday that I could not pass up the red faux leather jacket I have hanging around. That and my pouffy rose skirt is my middle finger to the cloudy weather.

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The power of nostalgia

Yesterday, I got these ugly pair of shoes from Topshop in Powerplant. I saw them last November and wanted to get them then, but I'm so happy I waited. They were at 50% off! I shouldn't be surprised though. They are rather ugly, after all.

I like how chunky and awkward they look. It's kinda trendy at the moment, this affair with 90s grunge. But the main reason I got them is that I used to have the same pair of shoes before.

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