Do you match makeup with your outfits?


This is a question that has been bothering me for some time already: should women match their makeup with their clothes? There are some colors which can go with any outfit like pearly gray/black and neutrals (peach, brown, copper, etc), but even with these 'safe' colors, we need to consider if neutral makeup with a neutral-colored outfit makes us look too washed out or if smoky eyes make us look like a severely neurotic racoon. 



Sarah Michelle Gellar---oh noes! 

And then there are bright colors: some popular favorites are emerald green, purple, and blue. Should we match these colors according to what we're wearing at the moment? Some people may find it over-the-top, especially if the eyeshadow used is metallic or glittery. The word "tacky" comes to mind!

However, I think there are no hard and fast rules for matching makeup with clothes. Personally, I wear my eyeshadow with the color of my top sometimes, but not in the exact same shade. Or if I'm wearing blue eye shadow, I wear a purple outfit. I guess it all depends on my mood, in the end. I wear whatever I feel good in and that's that! Right girls?

What do you think? Should you match your clothes with your makeup? Do you match your clothes with your makeup?