Review: Modu Phone in the Philippines

What’s in the bag?

Meep! The newly-launched modu phone and three jackets (modules)! 

Okay, before anything else, let me tell you about my mobile habits. I usually text/call only two people (my mom and my boyfriend lol) and only two people texts me back with any regularity. There are times when I don’t use my cellphone for a few days except to set the alarm clock every morning. I dislike loading up (I find the process tedius), I’m too lazy to text or reply unless absolutely necessary. I got a Sony Ericsson phone two years ago with all the fancy stuff - 3G, camera, mp3 player, video calling, etc - but I only used it to text and call. Waste of money, if you asked me.


Now, the modu phone is a basic phone. All it does is call, text, play music, and proxy as a flash drive with its 2 gigs of internal memory. That’s it. Now before you raise your eyebrows and say “Meh”, stop thinking of simplicity as a bad thing. There are people who need all the fancy features for their mobile phones and then there are people like me who just needs a compact, stylish phone to text/call and play music. Honestly, I think someone was thinking of me in making the modu. Hehe.


Why I love my modu:

  • Tiny, compact, sleek, and stylish. Perfect for the fashion-conscious - it can slip into any purse or clutch or miniskirt back pocket. Oh, I know.
  • If I want added features, I can just pop it in a jacket.
  • Music quality is good through the in-ear phones
  • Idjit-proof! Perfect for moms and low-tech consumers.


What I don’t like about it:

  • There is no standard earphone jack. You can only connect earphones with a micro-USB connector. Boo! Earphones break down easily and I don’t know what to do when mine does. 
  • The modu core by itself is almost useless for texting. No alphanumeric keys, just arrows. But I suppose one can get used to it. Anyway, the jackets have alphanumeric keys so this con is no biggie.

More pics and pricing details after the cut.

Globe is the official distributor of the modu. It’s available for P7,999 at Globe business centers and comes with free Immortaltxt for one whole year (awesome deal if you ask me). You can get it for P7,999 at Plan 500 but it’s free at Plan 1200.


What’s inside: Neophrene sleeve with necklace, Globe Tattoo sim card, installation CD, manuals, USB in-ear phone, extra rubber and clip for the earphones, USB charger (not shown), USB cable (not shown)


Sleeve for the bare modu. If you only want to use the modu as a compact and unobtrusive mp3 player, you should use this jacket. Texting is a pain though, since the traditional alphanumeric keyboard has been ditched here.






So ladies, what do you think of the modu phone? Will you buy it?