Globe Tattoo Launch

 There are events and then there are events. Some companies just want to introduce their product to media people- there are elaborate presentations, loot bags, and what not - while others want these people to actually experience what they have to offer. Naturally, the latter is more memorable because products by themselves are just, well, stuff covered in fancy plastic. Experiences may be intangible, but you know that its unique to you alone and it can never be bought or taken away.

One such event is the Globe Tattoo Launch. Before anything else though, I want to tell you what the product is about. Globe Tattoo is basically just a relaunch of Globe’s broadband service -  now mashed with its mobile services! They also launched an interactive website worth checking out.

To be honest, I hate texting or using my phone’s 3G internet for a lot of reasons. However it seems that Globe has solved my problems by providing Tattoo, a service that incorporates both the telco’s Internet and mobile offerings. The newest service, Immortaltxt, is sheer genius. For only P10 I get to text 50 Globe numbers and 10 numbers from other networks. It also doesn’t expire! How awesome is that? Way awesome. I’m using it right now. 

Anyway, here are some pics from the event:

We met up at the ritzy M Cafe at Greenbelt 4. L-R: Marcus, Bim, Anne, Jayvee, me, Jewel, Wits

Obligatory outfit photo

After waiting in anticipation for the program for a couple of hours, we were whisked away in vans to Handlebar, a seedy, gritty, smoky, siga biker’s bar! How exciting! I’ve never been to a bar before. I love the ambiance and interiors of the place which set up a pretty sharp contrast against the fancy M Cafe. The point was that Globe wanted to veer away from its uptight, formal, and strict image into something more relaxed, approachable and user-friendly. 

Sleepwalk Circus and Up Dharma Down played. I love these bands! Awesome set.

Lauren, co-owner of the Ukay Manila Store, got a tattoo and won a laptop! Huzzah! I picked the pretty dress she’s wearing. We put it up on the store for sale, but her boyfriend (bless his heart) bought it for her. That’s soooo sweet in my book.


All in all, the event was super fun and memorable. I hope more PR companies do launches like these!

*pics from Pao Pena!