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Mostly wasted

I just got back from the far-off northern lands of Eastwood and QC. My morning started early as I rushed off to Eastwood for a meeting on a new project, then whisked off to Mr Kebab with Lauren and her pogi boyfriend Marco to have lunch. It was my first time there and wow! I want to take home the yogurt sauce! I would go more often if it weren't from the far-off nothern lands of QC.

Then we went to a shoe supplier (!!!) to meet the owner and check out the rest of her merchandise. We are so excited to launch shoes on Ukay Manila. We're going crazy racking our heads for a great name for a sub-brand. What do you think? 

Anyway I am wearing shoes we got from our supplier. Unfortunately this design is not included in the collection since it's not in keeping with the theme. Wah I'm talking too much.

Polo from Ukay Manila/ Necklace from Girl Shoppe/ Jeggings from F21/ Shoes from Ukay Manila (to be available soon)

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