Stuff You Have To Watch

I know that this has absolutely nothing to do with makeup or fashion, but I’d just like to share with you girls some of my favorite films. I promise to re-watch them again this weekend - they’re just that good.


1. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. An entertaining 40-minute musical by Joss Whedon about a mad scientist who longs to be evil. However the love of his life, Penny, falls in love with his arch-enemy, Captain Hammer. I love all the songs here, and of course, Neil Patrick Harris!


2. Sita Sings The Blues. Nina Paley’s animation is made of pure win! It’s a faithful retelling of the grand epic, Ramayana, contrasted with a modern, pale love story set in New York and India. There are at least four different animation styles and I love how they all work together. The story centers on responsibility, loyalty, betrayal, chauvinism, and masochism. Annette Hanshaw sings the 1920’s blues, I sang here my favorite here. It is a story about the greatest break-up ever told. No kidding. Oh by the way, the movie is free and only available online so download it here.


3. Dan In Real Life. Dan is an advice columnist who doesn’t follow his own advice when the perfect woman comes along. The film is charming, endearing, and most importantly, it has a happy ending! I’m all about happy endings. The soundtrack is by Sondre Lerche, one of my favoritest ever artists.


4. My Fair Lady. Of course! Eliza Doolittle, a flower girl, is picked up from the dirty streets of Covent Garden to be given lessons on how to become a lady. My favorite song is “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” (of course). I also like “With A LIttle Bit O’ Luck”, “On The Street Where You Live” and “I Could Have Danced All Night”. Check out Audrey Hepburn’s outfits, they’re totally droolworthy. I wanted the ending to be happy, but it’s ambiguous, so I imagine she married Henry Higgins.


5. How To Marry A Millionaire. Marilyn Monroe! Lauren Bacall! Betty Grable! Three women dream of marrying a millionaire and living in luxury for the rest of their lives. Will they succeed?


6. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Watch this for Marilyn Monroe’s famous, immortal performance of “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Bestfriend”. Kylie and Madonna can never match Marilyn!


Whew. I’m blogging this so I can remember.