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Asus launches the Eee PC™ Seashell Karim Rashid Collection

Last Tuesday Asus launched its latest netbook incarnation - the Eee PC™ Seashell Karim Rashid Collection (1008P). It's pink, it's small, it's stylish! After that one can't really say a lot. It's got the usual specs that an average netbook has except that the latest Eee PC packs a lot of spunk in terms of design. It promises six hours of battery life, too. (Read after the cut to see the complete specs)

Karim Rashid, a world-renowned industrial designer was tapped to create the newest look of the Eee PC. The design is the realization of his vision of computing—one that is more sensual, more human, more hip. The hot pink laptop is targeted towards the younger, more mobile market. If you're not the sort who wants to get caught in tacky hot pink, never fear! There's a coffee brown version for guys and older women.

Dreamy light show and ambiance courtesy of Icon in Hotel Intercontinental

The most interesting thing during the launch was the fashion show parading R.A.F. Plains & Prints's Summer 2010 Collection. I loved most of the oufits featured! The Karim Rashid Eee PC is such a great accessory to the clothes, don't you think? 

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Me and my trusty Ipanemas at the beach

Summer is in full, heatstroke-inducing swing! If you're going to the beach, it's time to stock up on essentials like sunblock, swimsuits, and of course - flipflops. I am soo feeling this sentence because I went to the beach last weekend with no proper flipflops. Good thing Ipanema gave us all a pair! But that's another story for another day.

Speaking of Ipanema, you can also find the brand in a newly-opened footwear store called Bambu. They also have other brands like Ipanema Giselle Bundchen, Rider, Grendha, and OndadeMar. The new place has this classy samba vibe, well-lit interiors, and tons of fashionable (albeit expensive) footwear for kids, women, and men. They also have some resort wear and woven bags and hats available. Perfect for the beach!

What follows is a barrage of pictures of the launch.

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