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Rave: Smooth-365 Clarity + Smoothing Peptide Serum

I've had the Smooth-365 Clarity + Smoothing Peptide Serum for...oh, a few months now. It was love at first use, so I don't have a good excuse why I didn't review it sooner. Well, I partly wanted to space out expensive vs cheap products as well as rave-worthy vs meh items. The Smooth 365 is both rave-worthy and quite expensive at P2,500 per tube.

So what does Smooth-365 do? It's designed to promote skin clarity and give your skin a velvety smooth texture. "Skin clarity" is a rather vague term - does it mean fading out blemishes, or brightening skin? - but I can vouch that the Smooth-365 does make my skin look brighter and generally a nicer version of itself. It also gives a velvety texture to the skin instantly upon application. Too good to be true? Yes. But it does work.

If you're skeptical, you can visit Makeupalley, where Smooth-365 has a high rating of 4.2 out of 5. Makeupalley is my favorite cosmetics review community and the ratings are always reliable. Anything above 4 and you know you've got a keeper.

What I love about the product

  • Makes my skin smooth and velvety immediately upon application. I'm not sure if they have testers in Watsons drugstore, but
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Exclusive preview: Tri-Aktiline Total Face and Smooth-365 Peptide Serum
This just in! GoodSkin Labs, the same company that brought us the famous Tri-Aktiline Deep Wrinkle Filler and Eyliplex-2 Eyelift Circle Reducer (click for my reviews) will have two new products available this November. The Tri-Aktiline Total Face and Smooth-365 Serum are designed to be used all over the face, unlike their predecessors which are for troubleshooting problem areas.
Intriguing eh? If you're a fan of Tri-Aktiline and have always wanted something like that to use all over your face, Total Face is just the thing. I just used Smooth-365 and yes, it does smoothen the skin instantly. It's also supposed to be a great makeup primer/base - feels like it, too. The texture is reminiscent of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Smooth-365 is not silicone based though, which is great news for those who are not hiyang with that ingredient.
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