Finally, my review of Eyliplex-2

I'm the sort of person who is not easily moved by fancy schmancy ingredients that's supposed to give me the beauty of a goddess. I tend to gloss over them because in my mind, it's all just sales talk. Unless we use the products personally, we really have no way to find out if something works or not, no matter how hifalutin' its ingredients are.

IMG_9669 by project_vanity.

That's why I take products like Eyliplex-2 with a bit of apprehension. It has too many ingredients - all 124 of them - I have never even heard of, plus it's quite expensive at P2,600. I can't just recommend something like this to you without making sure that it does its job, which is to lighten dark circles, lift eyes, and reduce fine lines.

IMG_9672 by project_vanity.

The night cream on the left, day gel on the right

I've had this product for two months now but within that span of time I've used it irregularly. I'm simply too lazy. Which is why, to my surprise, I actually saw results! Here are pictures of my eyes two months ago, second week of May:

IMG_9935 by project_vanity.

See the fine lines near the inner corner of my eyes? They're a major problem.

IMG_9930 by project_vanity.

You can also see that I had dark bags. My eyes are naturally bulging, but there is that gray shade.

IMG_9926 by project_vanity.

All photos are unretouched. I have zero makeup on.

I was trying out the new Clinique mascara last week and taking photos - all routine. Upon closer inspection of the photos while post-processing them, I noticed that my lines have definitely decreased!
IMG_1077 by project_vanity.
IMG_1078 by project_vanity.


I'd also like to think that my bags are less dark now. For sure, I use less concealer than before. Whee!

What I love about the product

  • As shown above, it works! I only use it perhaps twice or thrice a week. Four times when I'm in the mood.
  • The day gel has a cooling, soothing effect once applied. 
  • The night cream is quite heavy and concentrated, so it really moisturizes my eyes.
  • The sensitive skin around my eyes feel more elastic. No matter how careful I am when applying eyeliner and eyeshadows, I still tend to tug around the eye area, so I am so happy that I don't have to be too worried!

What I don't like

  • The price! It's P2,600 per set. Although I must say, there is a lot of product to make it worth the dough.
  • If you rub your eyes where the day gel is, it will peel. It's not that useful as a concealer primer if you put too much. Make sure the product is fully absorbed and dry before applying makeup on top of it.
  • Both the day gel and night cream take their sweet time to absorb. Not good for impatient people like me! I want to get out the door or sleep ASAP! That's the reason why I don't use it regularly.


If you're concerned about your eyebags, buy this, it works - at least, for me. I can't really guarantee across-the-board results for everyone. At the very least, this product is a good eye moisturizer!


What do you think? Is this something you'll try? Answer in the comments!