Exclusive preview: Tri-Aktiline Total Face and Smooth-365 Peptide Serum

This just in! GoodSkin Labs, the same company that brought us the famous Tri-Aktiline Deep Wrinkle Filler and Eyliplex-2 Eyelift Circle Reducer (click for my reviews) will have two new products available this November. The Tri-Aktiline Total Face and Smooth-365 Serum are designed to be used all over the face, unlike their predecessors which are for troubleshooting problem areas.
Intriguing eh? If you're a fan of Tri-Aktiline and have always wanted something like that to use all over your face, Total Face is just the thing. I just used Smooth-365 and yes, it does smoothen the skin instantly. It's also supposed to be a great makeup primer/base - feels like it, too. The texture is reminiscent of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Smooth-365 is not silicone based though, which is great news for those who are not hiyang with that ingredient.
More pics after the jump!
Total Face and Smooth-365 with their sister, Eyliplex-2. I don't have the Tri-Aktiline wrinkle filler though cos it's with my mom now. Would have loved to complete the family picture, lol! Anyway, thanks so much to Rizel and Racquel of Beauty Bank for sharing their latest products with Project Vanity readers first before anywhere else! 
Eyliplex-2 (P2,600), Tri-Aktiline Total Face (P2,600), Smooth-365 Serum

I am hoping SO HARD that I don't break out with either, especially with Smooth-365 since I love how it feels on my skin. Please please please! As usual kindly wait for two weeks to a month before I get back to you on this. I know I haven't forgotten that I owe you tons of reviews by now, hehe.