Surprising find: Avon accessories

You all know I love Avon, particularly its makeup and underwear. But after the launch of its Summer collections last March, I was able to better appreciate the brand's accessories. Frankly they're not trendy nor something that would appeal to me at first glance, but I find that the designs and quality are enduring. I've had these for almost eight months and not a single one of the pieces have tarnished. Don't you hate it when your faux gold/silver jewelry fails in that department? *Cough* Forever 21 *cough*

Anyway, I'd just like to show you some of the newest pieces Avon is currently offering. Because! A real girl loves pretty shiny things!

What's up with black boxes tied up with pink ribbons? Eh? I'm not complaining!

Dare To Dazzle Collection (sans earrings since I forgot to take photos). I'm giving these away soon!

Piece de resistance. I've been wearing these all week.


Sooo...which one is your favorite? Mine is that topaz medallion! It immediately brightens an outfit without overwhelming it.