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MAC Dollymix Sheertone Shimmer Blush

This review is part of a series: the Blush Week at Project Vanity. Read my first two blush posts (if you haven't yet)! ;)

It's a Blushin' Week at Project Vanity: My top five blushes

Artdeco Blusher in 38 First Love

The MAC Dollymix Blush (~P1,300) is a hot pink shade with very fine silver and gold shimmer - intimidating in the pan, but utterly lovely on the cheeks.  It's is one of the brand's most famous shades, with a whopping 4.4/5 rating at Makeupalley. I can see why!

It's scary off the bat, but once you apply it you won't see much of that Barbie pink intensity or shimmer on your skin. This blush actually looks like a darling medium pink with a satin finish when worn. I guess I better show you!

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Artdeco Blusher in 38 First Love

I wish brands would stop naming their products in numbers and coded letters. It's harder to remember an impersonal "PK238" compared to something like Berry Cherry Strawberry Conundrum, for instance. Or is it just me? Oh but why am I grousing! Today's featured product as part of Blush Week is the Artdeco Blusher in 38 First Love (P550).

This is a warm, peach-pink blush with fine golden shimmer, similar to the famous NARS Orgasm. The difference is that this is more pigmented and leans more towards pink - but you can still see the similarity. This is a blush that can be worn across all skintones. You just need to adjust the intensity, using a smidgen if you're fair, and more layered if you're dark.

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Models Own Powder Blush in Cheeky Pink

People always ask me, "How do you find the time to blog?" Many of them even make the mistake of thinking that this is what I do full-time. It's simple, really. I make time for it. I wake up at 6:00 AM on a normal day, putter around the condo for tea and maybe a bite to eat, then settle down for the next three hours writing and processing photos. This isn't a precise schedule, of course, since often there are other things that need doing first. But that's how I am able to run this website. 

I'm telling you this because I want you to know that it's possible to be able to do something you love, a side project if you will, even if you think you are too busy working. There's always time if you want it badly. You just need to make it yourself. :)

Anyway, today I want to talk about a blush that I've been trying on lately: the Models Own Powder Blush in Cheeky Pink (P350 from The Makeup Suite). It's a nice affordable blush that's packaged in an expensive-looking case - something new to bring around if you're looking to impress! Now that I think of it, I think makeup artists will love this because it looks so chic and you get a lot of product in one pan. Really useful for multiple clients.

Here's my review!

What I like about the product

  • Pigmented. I only need one or two layers to get a good color going.
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