Artdeco Blusher in 38 First Love

I wish brands would stop naming their products in numbers and coded letters. It's harder to remember an impersonal "PK238" compared to something like Berry Cherry Strawberry Conundrum, for instance. Or is it just me? Oh but why am I grousing! Today's featured product as part of Blush Week is the Artdeco Blusher in 38 First Love (P550).

This is a warm, peach-pink blush with fine golden shimmer, similar to the famous NARS Orgasm. The difference is that this is more pigmented and leans more towards pink - but you can still see the similarity. This is a blush that can be worn across all skintones. You just need to adjust the intensity, using a smidgen if you're fair, and more layered if you're dark.

I love that you can easily adjust the intensity of the blush without it streaking or looking patchy over the cheeks. :) There are two things you need to know, however: first, this doesn't stay on very long. Two hours tops and it starts to fade. Second, the golden shimmer may be too much if you layer more than twice. That's easily relieved though! All you need to do is dust setting powder on top and the gold will looks much less obvious.

Blush like your first love, why don't you

Lovely color and finish!

Love the color! The blush is pretty but I find that it's choosy with lipsticks. It only looks good with peach pinks like the NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Lodhi (also worn here). Anything that's mauve-ish, purply, or bright red/pink on your lips and the blush doesn't flatter.

All Artdeco Blushers have no case, hence the P550 tag. The plain black case can be purchased for roughly P350 if I remember correctly, although the limited edition one below is P425. Personally I don't mind using the blush as is, without a case, since it's easy to store and the cap is sturdy anyway. If you want a mirror and some bulk though then get a case. You can also stuff in concealer and eyeshadows there if you want to bring them out with you.

Magnetic cases are awesome

So there you go. :) If you like beautiful peach-pink blushes with a healthy dose of golden shimmer (glow addicts, raise your paws!), then you'll love the Artdeco Blusher in 38 First Love. I know that the unimpressive lasting power could be a deal-breaker, but the color is definitely something to consider. This would stay longer on dry to normal skin!

Still, I'd use this for days when I'm just stepping out. How about you, does this look like a blush you'd try?

Artdeco can be found in all Beauty Bar branches.